Winning start?

I am glad to publish here some great feedback on my article “No people, no cry.”

Reports about the skills shortage in the IT industries revealed some important truths behind this complex topic worldwide. It appeared with the global immigration stream that hit not only Central, Northern Europe, UK, etc.

However, desperate skills shortage cries for HELP have instantly vanished, due to the fact that plenty of skilled and motivated people have reached their personal paradise, always ready to invest their energies

One thing is certain: traditional or classical thoughts in the HR industries, producing slogans like: “if the new citizens spoke German or Swedish etc. they might be hired and put into HR databases which are developed mostly in the national languages. These are installed in IT for the administration of people in local software languages.

The demand for people is based on lower expectations in most of the global economies. The need to be able to talk the national dialects has changed or cut the search for experts fluent in English, as the global language that might help overcome communication problems in up to 55 countries worldwide. Searching for and recruiting skilled talents has become rare in the HR teams: so, job descriptions for Human Resources managers such as HR-Recruiter, do not at all fit for the actual needs of the European labour markets.

According to the above mentioned feedback that actual slogans should be changed into sentences like the following: “HELP, we suffer from CLIENT SHORTAGE” and/or “We need HELP and more incoming orders”. This is due to global changes in 2015.

Thus, the topic of missing multilingual people seems no longer count any more. Within a few months you can study one or more languages online and free-of-charge. You might find out quickly that good jobs could find be found easily if you opted out for your special wild card: so, choose and focus on learning daily all those seldom spoken languages. It will work well for example with the language Swedish.

Furthermore, we can hear from feedback arriving from Asia Pacific. Sources report from millions of talents with a Bachelor and/or a Master degree. Actually they cannot find equivalent jobs, get well paid or offered opportunities in their own country, It’s a tribute to a since long expected downturn in China’s economy which is based in mass production.

Finally, the world looks forward to the next salient taken decision, a hot topic like “Great Britain supported by Europe” as it was mega-phoned by global media or newspaper.

Therefore, if the country remained within the settings of the European Union or left it possibly at the end of June 2016, in both cases the world might ask even today one of those important questions concerning its important military bases in Europe.

These were fixed especially after World War 2 (WW2) reaching f.e. towards Western Asia until today.
FAQ: Will these be given up then by Great Britain? Who will take over those UK air bases, which do still exist in the former independent kingdom of Cyprus?

Could it be winning start of a hidden champion in Asia, a quick move in a weak moment, similar to the events happening the 1974? And, how would Europe react then?

P.S. It will be forwarded to a dialogue held in the coming week on the occupied island of Cyprus, dealing with details, how to build up multi-polar worlds. Will all those anchor-less speculations about Cyprus, published recently in Switzerland come finally true?

“A final deal on the historical occupation in 1974 creating the never internationally accepted isolated republic besides well protected buildings of the UN in the North of the island Cyprus?

The world would be curious about the topic, who will move into the former kingdom Cyprus, if people in Great Britain – with or without Scotland – dared to vote for a special mission impossible: Why leaving a weak EU?

Will we get used to listen to new sounds or miss some of those classics, presented 2011 in Old Europe…?

Village 40 meets the world

 Tent cities S21

Schloss Park S21

200+ people from 150+ businesses meeting close to the S21 area… …

So… highly appreciated the next meeting in taicang

Meeting Zhang Jingyu in Stuttgart… Chinese white snow musics

Zhang is one of the most famous family names in China

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Link Press Release (in Chinese):

News from China meetings in the Blue Banana Zone…

to be updated…

Paris Light Impression

Paris +120  more Videos to come…  mehr Videos folgen…

This is the video taken as a quick summary of the very limited time I show the impressions after the first online presentation via one of the most frequently used communication tool worldwide. Only in companies in mainland China, who produce such tools, the usage is more or less restricted and the contents might not be that anonym… no comment.

Das ist das Video, das als eine kurze Zusammenfassung der sehr begrenzten Zeit entstand und zeigt die Eindrücke nach der ersten Echtzeitübertragung mit einem Werkzeug, das weltweit am häufigsten als Kommunikationsmittel verwendet wird. Nur in Chinas Firmen, die solche Sets herstellen, ist der Gebrauch mehr oder weniger beschränkt… und der Inhalt der Gespräche könnte nicht so anynomisiert sein… kein Kommentar.

Paris, it powers the flowers
Am Rittiberg 25, DE-77749 Hohberg b. Offenburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Deutschland (EU)

Why not being amused about that ‘toxic waste on grasslands’?

Stories from the Eurodistrict and all about 'not seen any pollution here'

close to Hohberg b. Offenburg in the Eurodistrict

Great news from the Eurodistrict, dated September 26, 2010 in Hohberg by Offenburg, Ortenau, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Reporting and delivering details by photos to several departments in different towns all over Germany, there was no further improvement on the camp of pollution here at places 2.

1. Based on acts of severe pollution of the air, the grounds and also the ground water, nobody thought actively of counter measures to that case of violation of a lovely pure nature there.

2. Neither in the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, where people are busy due to the storms of emotions (Stuttgart 21…) nor in the main capital, Berlin or elsewhere, to all of them pollution doesn’t count, will it later?

3. Mail from the General Environment Agency in Berlin should be, according to the contents, forwarded to the headquarters of the Ortenau district to their powerful managers in the wars against the environmental crimes there.

As a result, claiming for any progress hereafter, the lessons will be easy to understand.

Quoting statements like ‘without any further proof to the public trade and industrial inspectorate nobody there seems to be willing to continue this case of wild violations.

4. Thus, as a sad matter of fact, further reporting to the mayor and his deputies or the civil counsel around the leadership team here and also the mayor of the next bigger cities, most likely will be not successful. But why?

‚Perfect’ environmental management regulations, it is no wonder, are immediately understood when you might talk to teachers in schools there in the outback… about the role of East Asian economies and reports from mega cities in Asia Pacific and crimes against the humanity.

However, the human right for fresh air, safe soil and clear drinking water, all that might lead to questions like: what could be done to organize a better world there… getting rid of the pink sunglasses or let them face the thrash and waste quoted like ‘toxic waste on grasslands in… ’.

Not in Asia, but in the center of the Eurodistrict close to Strasbourg. So, ‘impossible is all what is might not be and this pollution here was only a dream of a few contempory witnesses’ out there in the wild nature between place 2 reported here the past months including photos…

Summary: keep on dreaming of fairy tales and always think we have a paradise here in the Black Forest nearby the Eurodistrict in the outback…

tags: ‘Sondermuell auf der Wiese’, Sept 23, 2010, a press release in the newspaper ‘Badische Zeitung’ in Offenburg and Hohberg.

All about the castle views…

What to do if a rescue team could not reach the citizens of this famous village for red wine or more…?

This salient story is a really interesting one: wishing to know more about the famous castle which was sold via the Baden-Baden connection to really nice people from Eastern Europe, which were announced so friendly here in south-west Germany: welcome to Kappelrodeck!

We also learn, after several requests,  that the keywords for that wonderful place to stay preferred by the climate and also its geology can be summarized in a word cloud just like the following sentence: all about the high quality and premium red wines and/or the new ecological tourism in the Black Forest region’.

Thus, and this seems to be a problem here: all above this really important topics, seems not or not really to count. Have a look at the photo and download it to get a glimpse of its narrow streets in the mountains; you will see and understand that the demographically angle in this village might involve a real problem for their citizens.

So, asking what might happen, if emergency calls would create the needs to pass such a bottleneck, people might ask then the following questions:

Who would be responsible for the not just-in-time arrival and who were responsible for not provided rescue services then?

Altogether, the rescue teams would really like that situation, wouldn’t they?

tags: hand, on, over, photos, problem, proof, the, real, solves

One of those special bottlenecks of rescue teams in the beautiful mountains of the famous Black Forest: vehicles as a possible threat
Kappelrodeck, Deutschland Germany, Black Forest region

lofe the lofe in life

Wondering how things happened just now these days ‘in lofe’ on all those ‘des lofe para-des’… I thought there should be some more romantic views of a life in peace in another wonderful countryside full of plenty wild living animals such as rare birds, butterflies and deer in the Black Forest. You can see that unique and powerful water wheel in the following video, titled  ‘lofe the real lofe’. Enjoy! 

one of the great energies of real water wheels here in Germany most famous areas

in Hohberg b. Offenburg in Deutschland

After the storms in -Hohberg

After The Storms in Hohberg b. Offenburg in the Ortenau, Baden-Wuerttemberg in Deutschland:

Do you know everything about that news?

So now, all the corn poppies are gone, and you can see the reason for it here.

A video will suggest services of concerns on a class of services and/or signs:

the stormy night message dated July 14, 2010 reported about these revolutionary winds.

The storms of change from the Western and Eastern part of the world:

After Olivia following Lothar here… So, the FAQ is: what is or will be next?

After The Storms in –Hohberg –Offenburg in –Deutschland

Zixenberg in Hohberg b. Offenburg in Deutschland