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I have in hand a book from Germany, the “DUDEN” in a version of 1997: how to write this language in that year… That book was published for a German speaking community – here people in Austria, Germany, both are European neighbours, and including some areas which are part of Switzerland – two decades before special meanings of the new term Corona were on the internet radar in the web. The adequate profession, here a coroner, was a researcher in the United States of America and United Kingdom, trying to find out reasons of diseases of rare mortality cases before the year 2000. Originally the word stem Corona is a female name given to babies, sometimes written quite similar with the letter “K” in front: “Korona”.

The players in global reseach are changing…

In 2003-2004 the door to Asia Pacific, at that time Hong Kong posted to be after being given a special status in 1997, the so called planned special administrative region (SAR). The city proofed a new meaning of the term Corona. Unfortunately it should be used from then on for virus stems with the brief formula, the S. A. R. S.-virus H5N1, in brief: the SARS. It broke out for a short time in it’s first version. Defeated actively, it vanishes then for some years.

In 2013, some findings in the internet proof that the virus had transformed into version number eight, brought forward and reported in the German parliament as a potential threat to the newer worlds. Nothing was undertaken until winter 2019/2020.

In autumn 2019, another wild mutation of Corona show up in mainland China. It is now the source and main reason of huge amounts of money, raised within a few months in order to revive the global economy in the following years 2020-2023. So, business owners can hardly breathe, while hit from the consequences of a sudden lockdown in states like Germany, later all over the continents of Africa, the Americas, in Asia Pacific, Australia, and Europe including also the rest of the world in Oceania…. As a result, about 180, in words more than one hundred and eighty countries are hit until now: no vaccination is available.

People tend to say quoting that “Time is running”, and that “Research needs time”, etcetera. However, the above mentioned researchers from UK and USA are enriched by rivals from China and Central Europe. Some companies in the European continent try to find the best medicine for eight billion people throughout our world we live in today. Their strong wish to avoid millions of innocent victims of the tenth generation of the Coronavirus COVID-2019 is driven by the vision to get billions of new capital accumulated in research fonds: Who will be among the first nations to serve its people with a successful injection and WHO comes first?

And the future of WHO? Although the results of building up capacities to produce medicine for a global use, we do not know yet…, if the World Health Organization can survive in its old role model. Hopefully the capital from all of the companies, corporations and organisations might create a stable solution for the next generation of H5Nxyz, that shows up regularly.




Metropolitain Upper Rhine Region sunset


We learn at the Year end 2020/2021… With a last minute contract reached with the European Union, it is now the United Kingdom, that had been dealing with its BREXIT idea since a decade…., the grouped island faces now many more challenges than the business world’s knowledge of today’s currency rates for the currencies EUR, GBP, RMB and Yen.
Thus widgets for currency rates, here: GBP-EUR, GBP-USD, GBP-YEN and/or GBP-RMB, are important for the global markets after the clearance of the SARS-CoV-2, also called “Corona”, are a must.

The link will be updated here ASAP.

Happy New Year and #actintime, #b117, #coronaandbusiness, #erecuit, and/or #shareinfo.

Why Better Family Life?


2020/2021, after #theCoronaVirus, people may think about the learnt lessons from meetings in SE and Western Asia:

1. The development of better family life can make our future bright again.

2. FAQ: Why Vocational and/or Professional Education and Training?

3. The new settings of global economies and their upgraded health systems and finally

4. The happy sharing of events similar to this culture highlight. Enjoy.

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One Single Parcel To Reduce Ticket Prices


This simple story begins with the search on “how to reduce 2018 ticket prices in Europe” begins with that photo of one single parcel of 9.995 gram total weight. The costs for air tickets are too high, this is what travelers do report these days: so, how to fly from Central EU reaching locations within 3 to 4 hours for less?

Background / Backstage
This simple story begins with the search on “How to reduce 2018 ticket prices in Europe” with a photo of one single parcel of 9.995 gram total weight.

The costs for air tickets are too high, this is what travelers do report these days: so, how to fly from Central EU reaching locations within 3 to 4 hours for less?

Background / Backstage

All the given offers including 23 kg luggage and one hand luggage had tripled compared to 2017.
Therefore a new idea was born recently: successfully tested.

The client said: “this will be the future” to that special solution. Critical voices complained: “All those plans – to fly without luggage – are not new”. Nervously shout: “if you flew tomorrow without any luggage, it may be seen as a possible threat in some states”. Will we travel 2020 based on such low budget services?

The real story behind is that the travel agencies can achieve higher benefits in selling tickets from airlines whose plan was to be more prestigious than the recently closed aviation provider from Germany’s capital Berlin. With more than 100.000 missing flights the prices increased logically. In April 2018 it’ll be over.

How to escape the odd rule of supply and demand?

Announcing the future, therefore, flying from your town to a metropolitan city for less than a week, all your luggage with your personal belonging may not be more than 5, maybe temporary 8 kg.

However, entering the air plane with ZERO kg, no check-in, and just picking up your best quality parcel at the destination ONLY, people will evaluate it as revolutionary.

How to manage challenging logistics?

On your flight home you might drop your individually packed parcel at the entrance of the airport: It could be re-used eventually and the fee for having used that innovative service could be quite low.

The price might be around 10 percent of the compensation if the luggage won’t arrive (cost up to 300 EUR).

Why not traveling without luggage?

If the main point described a vision that you got preferred flights for half of the cheapest prices available in the market with the best air craft worldwide, would it trigger people to change habits?

Worth to mention an alternative approach

In cases, if you really needed more luggage than the highest available standards provided for you – order at home online a few days before – you might send your individual parcel one week before by air mail with reduced prices for your 5 or 10 kg parcel by highly competitive international logistics companies.

Successfully tested, it works, too.

Then the high cost for parcels outside Germany will vanish, for sure. The fee for one parcel to Kehl am Rhein located in SW Germany may then be the same as to an address in Strasbourg City in Eastern France with double price at least, just opposite at a distance of 500 meters only.

The successfully tested solution

One single luggage contained

– 1 suitcase between 60 and 67 cm and 3 smaller bags (maximum 52 cm long),

some electrical devices and documentations

and for sure lots of air buffers. The cost for the 4 luggage did not reach 4 percent of the total insured value (up to 500 EUR).

If necessary, the client could use some of these bags or donate it to organisations requesting tons of old suitcases for the refugees arriving in the EU.

As a result, the whole process described here, could reduce the travel cost by more 500 Euro. And it makes travelling so easy and convenient again. So, is it the future to come? I must admit: The research work was fun.

Thank You for your kind feedback in advance.

Goodbye “Made in Shanghai”?


The is only little news in the Western worlds’ media about a plan of the China government to stop production processes in the greater Shanghai region in the short- and/or middle-term views already.

And, guess what, You can easily imagine some of the basic thoughts, why such a scenario may become a real one in the coming years 2018 – 2025. Yes, it is the obvious tribute to the influence of pollution in mega million cities in the greater Shanghai area.

Exactly, some of your ideas have already come true: rapid changes can be seen in selected cities of the Jiangsu province. These are located close to the metropolis of Shanghai city, beside the Zhejiang province.


Good bye, Business Plan


Business Plans with negative forecasts include mobility as one of the most important keywords.

Some people say: “Planning a business seems to me quite complex”. Others may shout out contrary opinions, too. In general, it depends on your own professional experience and visionary abilities. However, in these days – newcomers in business and politics, wild card players enter these sceneries – mix up the so called “traditional” global markets. What we see today is a tremendous earthquake in a global war on market shares for example in the car industry.

Historic overview

During the last decades most of the global businesses links and market shares could be mostly achieved and even intensified: Germany’s automotive industry is a good example.

However, in 2017 the Central European nations like France or Germany are facing completely unknown limits:

1. Extra charges and higher taxes / customs
2. New announced trade blockades
3. Broken contracts/agreements (Paris climate agreement)
4. High costs by unsolved immigration problem, etcetera.

Thus, national slogans like “Make a nation first”, all this leads to severe uncertainties, short-term losses and deep irritations worldwide in businesses.

Therefore, how to plan or adjust a business plan? How to overcome these unhealthy conditions in your businesses?

One thing is certain: Nobody would have hired people predicting negative growth rates or interests, shrinking markets. We also know: the time of lean management is out since long before the repositioning of companies’s staff could get any substantial impact.

As a result, it is a no go for example for the consulting industry to raise hands and mention this topic again.

We learn, it is true, that the best ideas had been always born in crises times. So, the time has come to discuss those great alternatives on a confidential base.

Note: Although our future seems to be driven by negative forecasts for the next years the question remains still open:

“How can an alternative scenario lead to a positive trend in the coming years?” Thereby it is clear that there must be some losers in the markets if others plan to make money based on anticipating negative trends as part of a new modified business plan, looking for a better future in general… I am sure that we’ll read about this topic in the coming year(s).

Anyway, flexibility / mobility will be the most important keyword during the next decade.

Thank you for your kind feedback in advance.

Ulrich Kiefer, Industriekaufmann (IHK)

Last Update 2017.06.01 10:48 p.m. CEST

e-Bike and Car in One


Spring 2017

New e-mobility trends

The development of an e-bike and car is realized in a new prototype: all-in-one the vehicle looks like a normal car but it has implemented photo-voltaic cells in its roof.

The innovative solution is based on global bottleneck number one:
the battery technology dominated and made in China.

Such new trend as shown here in a case study, these might change the outlook and forecasts for several industrial markets in EU-Germany, France, and/or the United States of America – not only the automotive accessory supplies, the computing and/or the packaging production business as well.

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Brush up: Why less is more?


No pills?… No, sure, absolutely none!

Believe this news “No pills can make your brain great again.”
It is also a good solution for #45: brain pills are free of charge by learning more languages online!

How about an “Exit of the Brexit”?


How about an “Exit of the BREXIT” or, “No Exit from the EU”?

With the actual announcement in the Metropolis of London to revise the poll on the BREXIT from the EU, people may be irritated about the next steps in the endless discussion on the ending membership of Great Britain in the European Union. You can hear the experts already say: “how can the highest courts or UK’s politicians vote against people’s votes, saying no to the leadership of the European Union in Europe WITHOUT GREAT BRITAIN.

It will lead to a much faster vote by the European Commission to stop further discussions by no change to the existing contracts and rules of almost 1K signed documents within 30 months. It’ll mean then: all those agreements will be regarded as no longer valid.

With today’s announcement in the Metropolis of London the wish to revise the BREXIT poll, people may be irritated about the next steps in an endless discussion on the normally already ended membership of Great Britain in the European Union within two years.

Why without GREAT BRITAIN?

The political ruse to win more time and stay longer in the EU seem to be legal but also it is quite obvious what the tricks behind may include: Win more time and collecting points in tactical gains in negotiations with members of the WTO or ASEAN states (Asia Pacific). Better don’t contact Taiwan first, and inviting engineers and IT experts from UK to contact you in the UK, sounds wise… .

Finally, it is so sad to see that the time to ask for a new entry of UK might be postponed by the EU a decade to the year 2030; maybe this is the time UK needs for new designed politics. Welcome again!

Congratulations to the Nobel Price winner: