About Corona

I have in hand a book from Germany, the “DUDEN” in a version of 1997: how to write this language in that year… That book was published for a German speaking community – here people in Austria, Germany, both are European neighbours, and including some areas which are part of Switzerland – two decades before special meanings of the new term Corona were on the internet radar in the web. The adequate profession, here a coroner, was a researcher in the United States of America and United Kingdom, trying to find out reasons of diseases of rare mortality cases before the year 2000. Originally the word stem Corona is a female name given to babies, sometimes written quite similar with the letter “K” in front: “Korona”.

The players in global reseach are changing…

In 2003-2004 the door to Asia Pacific, at that time Hong Kong posted to be after being given a special status in 1997, the so called planned special administrative region (SAR). The city proofed a new meaning of the term Corona. Unfortunately it should be used from then on for virus stems with the brief formula, the S. A. R. S.-virus H5N1, in brief: the SARS. It broke out for a short time in it’s first version. Defeated actively, it vanishes then for some years.

In 2013, some findings in the internet proof that the virus had transformed into version number eight, brought forward and reported in the German parliament as a potential threat to the newer worlds. Nothing was undertaken until winter 2019/2020.

In autumn 2019, another wild mutation of Corona show up in mainland China. It is now the source and main reason of huge amounts of money, raised within a few months in order to revive the global economy in the following years 2020-2023. So, business owners can hardly breathe, while hit from the consequences of a sudden lockdown in states like Germany, later all over the continents of Africa, the Americas, in Asia Pacific, Australia, and Europe including also the rest of the world in Oceania…. As a result, about 180, in words more than one hundred and eighty countries are hit until now: no vaccination is available.

People tend to say quoting that “Time is running”, and that “Research needs time”, etcetera. However, the above mentioned researchers from UK and USA are enriched by rivals from China and Central Europe. Some companies in the European continent try to find the best medicine for eight billion people throughout our world we live in today. Their strong wish to avoid millions of innocent victims of the tenth generation of the Coronavirus COVID-2019 is driven by the vision to get billions of new capital accumulated in research fonds: Who will be among the first nations to serve its people with a successful injection and WHO comes first?

And the future of WHO? Although the results of building up capacities to produce medicine for a global use, we do not know yet…, if the World Health Organization can survive in its old role model. Hopefully the capital from all of the companies, corporations and organisations might create a stable solution for the next generation of H5Nxyz, that shows up regularly.