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New Events (all in China / World)

1a. How to improve the usage of geothermic energies? Location in Strasbourg-Ortenau Eurodistrict | Spring 2017 / only on special invitation.


2a. Investment in South East Asia / Jia Xing / go

2b. Investment in Southern Europe / only on special invitation.

3. Making appointments with the Packaging in China all world expo Shanghai and other trade exhibitors (planning YE 2017)

4. Meeting Private Equity, legal / auditors-consultants, commercial director/developers, in Germany at a meeting organized for Southern European people.

5. Meeting Hong Kong Electronics Industry (planning October 2017)

6. Meeting entrepreneurs / investors in Munich after visiting innovation on the packaging trade show EMPACK 2016 Zurich (planning April 2018).

Postponed Events

1. Meeting HR Human Resources expert / Job opportunities

HR Human Resources experts and recruiters say:

‘Businesses in China provide important job opportunities to shape successfully a career. Best chances have candidates who are bilingual or more. (Mandarin, fluent in Business English / and French, Swedish/Norwegian / (mother) language like (Switzerland) German:

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2. Meeting IT Electronics Entrepreneurs / Joint Ventures China (July + August 2017)
3. Meeting Global Packaging Business | China Time (Sep – Dec 2017)
4. Meet The Asia Mobile Industry / Packaging China (July 2017)


Past Events

Soon Meeting People…

1. IT ‘Internet in the future’ experts in Shanghai (May 2012)

2. Social entrepreneurs in Shanghai (June 8th, 2012)

3. Meeting Foreign Investment Entrepreneurs / China (11. July 2012)

4a. How to contribute to innovative advantage? Location near Frankfurt, Germany | Apr+July 2015 – only on special invitation.

4b. How to secure the innovation process with the coming TTIP? Location Freiburg, Germany, July 2015.

4c. Sales in China – after the financial crisis. Outlook. Location Karlsruhe, Germany, July 2015.

4. Packaging in China

Service multilingual communication and analysis

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4a. Meeting packaging partners on the Propak Shanghai 2012 CN (July 18th 2012)
4b. Meeting printing partners on the Propack Shanghai 2012 CN (July 19th, 2012)
4c. Meeting Sourcing in China CN experts (July 20th, 2012)

5. Management of Leadership industries in Lightning – Greater Shanghai Area
6. Management of Leadership industries in Packaging – Greater Shanghai Area
7. Management of Automotive industries in Shanghai.

8. Management and Lawyer of globally connected businesses Nov 2012; Plan 12 2014 (watch?v=oaCuaYqGREE)

9. No time for: different arts and music in Shanghai City

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Plan: Meeting VIP in China (down-load Why China? on page A-Z|AE.

Past: Meeting VIP in Hong Kong | China | Shanghai or at the Metropolitan Concert in Marseille

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