Meeting Stuttgart


We had been meeting in the year 2014 on a trade show near the airport Stuttgart, located in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Arriving from all over the world we did find some time to make it happen after two years: Welcome again at the GlobalConnect 2016!

Meetings: people from Tokyo / Japan and from Partner plus Benefit | Lufthansa staff: flying in its A380 Airbus: special event talks!

Visiting BW goes international / Black Forest Region

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Free Spirit Climbing


Free Spirit Climbing | … back to the Middle-Ages?

Recently I was invited to study the unique survival strategies of citizens living near Strasbourg in a little town located in the Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region in Germany.
In ancient times, round about three thousand people had been living there before an unhappy end occurred… Learning from history can be so great. It is worth reading. Therefore, I didn’t expect to be sent back to the Middle-Ages on this guided tour, especially not so far back into the 14th century, due to the fact that it was devastated in 1689 by soldiers from Central and Northern Europe.

Learnt lessons from the experts in ancient times

An unexpected architecture style, realized by experts at that time, was revealed by a researcher. She has good agricultural wisdom from the Middle-Ages. At that time, you may have asked yourself: “what could farmers do today what was known more than 600 years ago?”

This is certain: The important facts were hidden until the end of the 20th century. And, some secrets will never be revealed, caused by the behaviours’ of new investors in that town, which could never be also yours, or?


For sure not, this is our strong believe in the good character of people all around the world. So, we may enter the tour now and realize that all of its houses were built on a little hill: at least 12 meters higher, high enough that a local river’s flood waters shouldn’t reach the ground levels of the planned buildings. Therefore, all citizens can use a special cellar system.

War stratagems: Sunzi made in Germany?

Furthermore, the early and wise knowledge about stratagem in daily life, used then in war times, too. It helped the citizens to stop the risks of broken food or interrupted water supplies made by third person’s bad influence.

Using a ruse or you may say it is a trick, just like opening quite often the two gates of the city, the aggressors couldn’t find anybody there except their own wild troops looking for food and water, money and more before returning home towards Northern Europe in the 17th century’s religious war. As a result of having burnt all the environment, stables and houses, and the thick wall around the well protected city was cut by 50 percent down to 20 meters.

How could most of the citizens survive?

Furthermore, historic sources report about one week bright light during the nights, so that the author could read books, even at a distance of 15 kilometres. However, and this is a surprise, rebuilding was possible within one hundred years due to smart city management: the still existing channels under the city were re-used and houses were built on top. The religious writer C. S. from a little village located 15 km close to this city documented the hell of fires, a war crime of the year 1689.

External Water Supplies

The traditional wooden houses in that city were constructed within a well protected shield of an unbelievable high wall, measuring between 35 to 40 meters. All-in-one the city had a unique and really special cellar system enabling the citizens to exit the area – the risky war zone – within shortest delay at daytime or much better at night.

The usage of candles rescued their life, indicating that there was enough fresh air in the one-way rescue tunnel system. Those salient construction methods helped them organize quick support in urgency cases: friends and organizations reached from outside, even from other countries like France or Switzerland. This must have been then a big surprise to several temporary aggressors, planning to invade the city as foreign soldiers with best manners…. However, their uniforms did not impress the employees of farmers, pretending poverty: this ruse was also used in ancient China, too.

On top, water supply was always delivered as a guarantee in life: it was kept as a business secret between farmers in the mountains constructing hidden water channels in the underground. Unfortunately this hidden pipeline system cannot be studied anymore. Using special materials to form those water pipelines, this method guaranteed fresh water supplies until the 20th century. Nowadays, more than 30.000 citizens working and living in centre of the town, have drastic influence on the level of ground water. It sank by two meters already: this trend will not end…

Why water management?

It is worth mentioning, that details about water management were held strictly confidential in the Middle-Ages. This seems to be a surprise based on more than 600 years history of that town. You can understand it that the origin of this decision was the created by a beer and fine wine manufacturer. His production motto was: “water counts!”.

Social Responsibility

With the beginning of October, winter time arrived regularly at that early times. The hay and vegetables had to be already stored in a special cellar system. And then the fresh cut grasslands could be transformed in an innovative location where the local river water could be transferred into pieces of ice by filling special moulds in the natural pathway of the river. Thus, the fresh water could be stored for a long time using only natural energies: frozen pieces of ice in a special isolated cellar covered stable temperature during the whole year. And modern people may shout today: “So smart, wasn’t it?”

The healthy profit made by hidden logistics know-how in a beer and restaurant company grew faster and quicker than expected when adding a fine wine production with higher margins on this healthy liquid (remember: by consumption of it in small quantities). Both production lines were hidden secrets – therefore always located under the city. This means that such intelligent management thoughts enabled those rich business’ people offering additionally a free of charge health service as we call it today social responsibility. This is new and sensational for the Middle-Ages: a real surprise.

Why not Back to the Middle-Ages?

Providing qualified services and in times with no rain or too cold temperatures deep frozen food was sold to minimum prices to the employees and helpers including their family members. As a result, elder people received on top of daily care then one fresh portion of 0.75 to 1.25 litre of fine wines – was it red and/or white wine? – extra selected and refined for the patients in a free-of-charge hospital in the underground (its shareholders received more wine: it could be sold.)

Summary: These social functions remained stable even in case if enemies tried to block incoming delivery of goods or destroyed pipelines of public fountains. Now, wondering, how these facts could remain always secret, we can make forecasts to the 21st century.

Outlook into our modern times

It is sad to see that only four cellars can be visited – this is due to the following facts:

– Start-Up-businesses destroy remaining cellars before historical teams may arrive and stop the construction works.

– The risk of waiting years until the business may start later is evaluated as much too high.

– Investors’ decisions might be blocked from researchers’ work.

These might fear it could involve results like the short formula: “innovation vs. historic wisdom”. Why not destroy history before…?

Please note: Recently a cut of water and/or energy makes cities dependent today and even more in the 14th century. Nowadays, we are missing more grassland zones to handle flood water from rivers: redirected, bigger damages on the infrastructure can be avoided.

Finally, it is worth to mention that two hours insight in a hidden architecture system revealed so surprising know-how based on the Middle-Ages, developed 600 years ago by smart entrepreneurs, already acting with a social responsibility for their own staff and families.

Looking up to the blue sky while leaving the last of the four remaining cellars, you may explore then the above shown crafted arts work; engaged students of a school had invested their time at the end of the 20th century in doing research work in one cellar within a rescue tunnel system. Their impression was “walk with open-minded spirits upwards on our building as a free climber and find out what’s next!”

So, why not go ahead in the research on the “Free Spirit Climbing” – a transfer from the Middle-Ages to the 21st century.

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Your esteemed time…

Musics in the knees?


The autumn has reached and faster than estimated Christmas times may be celebrated differently. Why? 15 years ago on 26.12.2001, a tsunami hit South East Asia and just ten years after another earthquake hit Japan.

The changes seen there are impressive: why not dancing in Japan or….

Visiting Far East Asia in spring 2017

Yokoso! Japan


Why not walk a marathon in the coming years?

Discover and enjoy it: move your body.

Time to see you off?



UK Today: To See You Off Or Maybe Back?

Does UK follow Switzerland, and start to be a third world country?

People may understand that UK always regret to have less influence on the decisions in the EU, although it became the top 5 economy in the world with its not only financial tools. These were offered for example in its prosperous city of London.

In addition, all those flying doctors or nurses from the continent and/or parts of it such as the substantial inflow from Eastern Europe, feeding the dramatic needs of the national health services of the metropolis, all-in-one have helped them improve the living conditions until now. However, all of these benefits are now at risk.

Besides, those states like Scotland, Wales and (Northern) Ireland, who are not willing to loose their membership as a sovereign state in branches with high export rates within the EU, they all fear already the drastic consequences of such a historical decision made by the British on June 23, 2016, today! The risk of no more receiving subsidies from Brussels and no longer being able to export without paying taxes within the EU, this seems to be seen as one reason to opt out from the United Kingdom alternatively.

Therefore, remaining a small island with the since long well known problem of its heavily aging society, the cost for hiring people from Eastern Europe (f.e. from Poland with language skills gathered for years in Great Britain).

The right to join the poll of this referendum is a choice of UK’s citizens, and represents an important fact in order to achieve a richer, safer, and freer financial world in the coming years.

It’s face will show up realistic faces within the next 72 hours – offering special scenarios of one of the worst historic black Fridays ever seen since the WW2.

And people think, or they remain in a sad mood when they see that this poll, which is pointing at important questions like immigration, might abuse people’s role model in their daily life.

It puts their personal choice at higher risks due to the included recession. As a result, the assets or the money lost in a short-term view on the bubbling housing markets, will lead to increasing tax and/or interest rates on the green island.

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), which arrived in former times in the City of London, here especially from states like Cyprus and its Russian based re-directed income from oil businesses), Ireland, Malta and/or Switzerland, all-in-one might flow out to competitive platforms in Frankfurt or Paris. But it seems unreasonable, doesn’t it. How can more than hundred a few thousand jobs in the banking sector be replaced shortly? FAQ: What will the Chinese capital do?

Therefore, you might ask better honest politicians the following question: “Who will be the winner of such games?”

The author of this article about UK, can’t stand it but it may be a new reality!

There will be none, or almost nobody. Most people will regret soon.

No UK, No Cry?

So, sad to see you off and leave the EU?

No, not at all. Feel happy and enjoy the mice dancing on the tables, or explore where most of the citizens voted for LEAVE THE EU against the will of a majority of the younger generations.

The Youth, might invent a new song like “When I am sixty four” written 1967 on the Isle of Wight: In or out of this green island?

International | Ortenau


International | Ortenau

Ein Artikel von | A press blog article by | Ulrich H. Kiefer

“Meine Kandidatur zur IHK-Wahl 2016 in die Vollversammlung der IHK Freiburg – #Lahr / #Ortenau / Dienstleistung”

U. Kiefer IHK Lahr Vollversammlung Wahl-Gruppe IV: Gewerbe Dienstleistung, Verkehr, Beherbergung

Bericht / Schlagwort | Report / keywords: #IHK-Wahlen #plenum #parliament #economy #vote #election #poll

zu 1. Multilingual | Kommunikation | Analyse

International | Ortenau | VIP Chinesen besuchen die Ortenau.

1. Ortenau International: Tourismusangebote verbessern – Alternative Metropolregion?

Eine Gruppe internationaler Liebhaber von badischer Weinsorten, unterrichten im normalen Leben 12 Flugstunden von hier die deutsche Sprache in China. Im Sommer 2015 kamen sie in die Ortenauregion: nach Hohberg. Auf einer Rundreise in die Weinberge oberhalb von Offenburg meinten die Touristen, mit klarem Fernblick auf die Rheinebene und die Metropole Strasbourg: „This looks like Napa Valley.“ Es sieht wie im Napa Tal aus…

Nun, der Vergleich mit Kaliforniens Napa Tal in dem Sunstate USA mag zutreffen. Dennoch, dort wird der Wein unterschiedlich vermarktet, und ganz anders als in Baden: beachtenswert. Mit dem Hintergrundwissen, dass hier das Angebot und somit der Freizeit-Wert in der, rund um den Schwarzwald gelegenen, Region seit 70 Jahren kontinuierlich auf hohem Niveau ausgebaut wird, endete in positiven Gespraechen und dem Wunsch, sich 2016/2017 wieder zu treffen.

Ist dieses Wissen um die Vorteile des Tourismus in der Ortenau ausreichend bekannt?

Leider noch viel zu wenig, weil oftmals Informationen nur gedruckt vorliegen und nicht digitalisiert wurden. Und so ist es wohl dem Zufall zu verdanken, dass VIP Chinesen NUR hierher reisen, weil sich Termine verschieben, Hotels ausgebucht sind: Trip / Tour stoppen. Die Gruppe wird gut vorbereitet wiederkommen mit ausreichend Zeit im Handgepaeck; und gezielt informiert. Die Realitaet sieht anders aus, lesen sie im folgenden typischen Abschnitt.

Auf ihrem 3-Tage-Marathon, via VIP-Bus, ueber Paris nach Freiburg und weiter Richtung Sueden durch die Schweiz nach Italien, dokumentieren am Airport stets zahlreiche Belege bei der Ausreise uber Frankfurt das grosse Interesse an unseren Waren. Einmal wurde in einer Gruppe (ohne Kind) das Gewicht eines Koffers mit 48 kg festgestellt. Das fliegende Hotel-Juumboo A3XY, nimmt es mit; dann wird fehlender Schlaf nachgeholt. Lifestyle pur? Nicht wirklich.

Die Alternative: Wohlfuehlen durch Wellness versus schwere Lasten beim Check-in schleppen, und ganz abgesehen von dem Problem mit dem Zoll bei Ankunft in Asien. Nun hat sich eine Gruppe angesagt: via London, frueher war es Paris, tangiert sie die Ortenau, um danach nach Innovationen aus der Schweiz Ausschau zu halten.

Es gilt: Umdenken ist ein Muss, gepaart mit dem Erwerb von Sprachen, bis zu 5 Dialekte, wie in der Schweiz.

Das schweizer Vorbild kann in der Ortenau weiter wirken. Online Technologien erlauben es Ihnen dank neuer Forschungsergebnisse aus den USA, nun online Sprachen zu lernen – es kann funktionieren; Fortschritte werden regelmaessig, alle 24 Stunden, in kleineren Einheiten, binnen drei Monaten erzielt: optional bis zu 8 Sprachen, Italienisch oder Spanisch, Tuerkisch oder hier seltener gesprochen Schwedisch, bald Griechisch… sind verfuegbar. Das ist ein echter Gewinn, nicht nur fuer aktive Menschen; multipliziert, zaehlen diese Kenntnisse in der lernenden Export-Wirtschaft. Die Ortenau ist eine originale, innovative Region: Skills welcome! Wissen willkommen! Bienvenue!

Weniger ist mehr.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Sincerely / Med vanliga hälsningar

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Enjoy the innovation of hidden champions in...

Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region, Central Europe

MeetroPool Video mit freundlicher Unterstuetzung von Bernd Suhm.

(c) 2014 Photos Copyright Bernd Suhm. Worldwide all rights reserved.

Wuppertal, NRW, Europe

Mit exzellenter Video-Musik von Bernd Suhm Live Music & Entertainment, EU.

Winning start?

I am glad to publish here some great feedback on my article “No people, no cry.”

Reports about the skills shortage in the IT industries revealed some important truths behind this complex topic worldwide. It appeared with the global immigration stream that hit not only Central, Northern Europe, UK, etc.

However, desperate skills shortage cries for HELP have instantly vanished, due to the fact that plenty of skilled and motivated people have reached their personal paradise, always ready to invest their energies

One thing is certain: traditional or classical thoughts in the HR industries, producing slogans like: “if the new citizens spoke German or Swedish etc. they might be hired and put into HR databases which are developed mostly in the national languages. These are installed in IT for the administration of people in local software languages.

The demand for people is based on lower expectations in most of the global economies. The need to be able to talk the national dialects has changed or cut the search for experts fluent in English, as the global language that might help overcome communication problems in up to 55 countries worldwide. Searching for and recruiting skilled talents has become rare in the HR teams: so, job descriptions for Human Resources managers such as HR-Recruiter, do not at all fit for the actual needs of the European labour markets.

According to the above mentioned feedback that actual slogans should be changed into sentences like the following: “HELP, we suffer from CLIENT SHORTAGE” and/or “We need HELP and more incoming orders”. This is due to global changes in 2015.

Thus, the topic of missing multilingual people seems no longer count any more. Within a few months you can study one or more languages online and free-of-charge. You might find out quickly that good jobs could find be found easily if you opted out for your special wild card: so, choose and focus on learning daily all those seldom spoken languages. It will work well for example with the language Swedish.

Furthermore, we can hear from feedback arriving from Asia Pacific. Sources report from millions of talents with a Bachelor and/or a Master degree. Actually they cannot find equivalent jobs, get well paid or offered opportunities in their own country, It’s a tribute to a since long expected downturn in China’s economy which is based in mass production.

Finally, the world looks forward to the next salient taken decision, a hot topic like “Great Britain supported by Europe” as it was mega-phoned by global media or newspaper.

Therefore, if the country remained within the settings of the European Union or left it possibly at the end of June 2016, in both cases the world might ask even today one of those important questions concerning its important military bases in Europe.

These were fixed especially after World War 2 (WW2) reaching f.e. towards Western Asia until today.
FAQ: Will these be given up then by Great Britain? Who will take over those UK air bases, which do still exist in the former independent kingdom of Cyprus?

Could it be winning start of a hidden champion in Asia, a quick move in a weak moment, similar to the events happening the 1974? And, how would Europe react then?

P.S. It will be forwarded to a dialogue held in the coming week on the occupied island of Cyprus, dealing with details, how to build up multi-polar worlds. Will all those anchor-less speculations about Cyprus, published recently in Switzerland come finally true?

“A final deal on the historical occupation in 1974 creating the never internationally accepted isolated republic besides well protected buildings of the UN in the North of the island Cyprus?

The world would be curious about the topic, who will move into the former kingdom Cyprus, if people in Great Britain – with or without Scotland – dared to vote for a special mission impossible: Why leaving a weak EU?

Will we get used to listen to new sounds or miss some of those classics, presented 2011 in Old Europe…?

Hot Christmas time


Time Machine 2000 – 2015

while exploring the warmest December ever

Tips and Trips

Time Machine 2000 – 2015

Before the year 2000, the below described processes had started already in the golden eighties: so, more than two decades ago, business people were curious about missing data and news from the Peoples Republic of China due to its carefully hidden secrets as follows:
1. How many airports existed there? Where were these located (up to 200)?
2. Which military airbase would change into a civil hub for global VIP trips?
3. What could be the outlook and positive consequences for their global businesses, starting from Asia Pacific, and reaching towards cities in Africa, in Europe – Austria and Germany – or the United States of America (USA)?
Therefore it wasn’t just a coincidence that students from all over the world sent out their CV by email requesting from offices in Asia Pacific a quick reply. Always being eager to learn more about the spectacular East Asian economies with their salient growth rates of 10 to 20 per cent annually, the former bureaucracy in China got deep impressions of the importance to foreigners preferring to receive data and fact, which could be checked, verified and sold as valid and trustworthy information within their networks.
As a result, I am convinced today that the provided results weren’t good enough or unrealistic to be published years ago as a sensational story.
What seems to count nowadays can be reduced to short and easy message:
“Better combine peace on our mother earth together with improved ecological lifestyles throughout the world. This package will help all those barefooted nomads spreading for years from the South towards the promoted healthier North; some of them do sail around in Asia Pacific (AP) as desperate boat people – it might lead to unhappy ends.”
Therefore, regarding the above mentions questions of growing airports in year 2000 has taken over the serious interest of investors in Central Europe 15 years later. It seems that the decision markers preferred to sit in a time machine, with the hope to change history in short-term views.
Thus, this high curiosity in general raises important interests such as:
– Which airport has transported more passengers in 2014/15 and which are the latest trends in tourism?
– Which hub made more profits in Central Europe?

The scenarios look like a cheap and/or poor copy of a powerful Chinese opera, which was presented in a huge town hall in the New Territories, located close to Shenzhen or the special administrative region Hong Kong. So, I feel concerned what will be going on in that special region. Some of the possible conclusions might be: ‘Will those planned VIP airports in China and/or Europe be stopped now in crises times?’ Besides of this view, better do not ask what will happen at the new airport with the code BER. Will responsible managers answer, neither in Berlin, nor in AP due to ongoing, still weak negotiations for more peace?

Actual analysis of airports (CEU)

As a result, the demand of approximately 120+ million estimated clients will increase only slightly next year: the published forecasts based on released data from 2014 see an increase of in total of the increase five million more clients for low cost airlines reaching then 125 million.
These flexible passengers leave Central Europe by plane, by car or in combination with rapid trains which do exist already towards Paris: the 320 km/h fast TGV-trains arrive in 100 minutes in the French metropolis.

Sometimes one-way tickets are offered for less than 30 Euro; it confirms the opinion that airlines can’t compete with this aggressive prices. But then, in Paris, the Metropolitan Subway system has to handle the traffic inefficiently through poor services via the RER or metro line number 2.

Here are now the latest details to be stored in your database:

City / Country / Clients / trend / (estimated passengers in million):

• Frankfurt am Main, Germany (60-65 + million)
• Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region airports in Germany:
• Stuttgart City (10+ million)* in partnership with
• Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (1+ million)*
• Basel-Mulhouse, located in France (6-7+ million)
• France-Strasbourg (1+ million)
• Lahr (0+, actually only freight and a few VIP passengers)
• The other airports in Southern Germany are shown here besides:
• Munich, Bavaria (40+ million)
• Memmingen (1- million) and
• Friedrichshafen (located at the Lake Constance) (1- million).

Why subsidizing the aviation economies?

Although the European finance rules do not allow subsidizing airports, the ongoing analysis tends to pretend that additional services like rental of parking space, duty-free-shops, or offering logistic service, etc. could feed the local job engines. The subsidies are only possible due to the fact that these cities hoped to create new markets and had invested in these projects years ago. Now the shares can’t be sold that easily and will still remain as fixed assets in the balance sheets of these communities. As a result, European authorities keep an eye on it, including frequent checks.

Are our airports profitable in the coming years?

However, being asked, clients of low cost carriers can’t believe that the used airports might grow fast if tickets are sold for 100 EUR in the EU. They doubt: “How can a few Euros be the main driver for high profits?”

Critical voices suggest: better check the outdated business plans again and close the airports under the following conditions: do not calculate with up to 20 million VIP tourists from mainland China arriving now as individually travelling tourists or business world travelers on short trips. They visited for example Paris, went by small vehicles via Strasbourg towards Freiburg City, entering an ICE train towards Zurich. Then via the Euroairport in France-Mulhouse they hopped to the Mediterranean Sea, stepping by in Southern Europe’s cities like Marseille, Rome, etc. however … altogether the whole trip in just 3 days using the trains or planes as a place to sleep during the short nights.

So, I would like to express my thanks to you and all the honest readers for their input, great ideas and ongoing curiosity.

Outlook: The Chinese Year of the Monkey 2016 will bring us good news!
I wish you a peaceful time for all the holidays, happy experiences and events as well as plenty of confidence for the New Year: it will remain particularly healthy.

Happy landing in the coming Chinese New Year (CNY). Ein gutes Neues Jahr | Xin Nian Kuai Le | ???? | Happy New Year from Central EU from U.K.

No People, Why Cry?


No People, why cry? (NPWC)

Being invited, I followed the interesting sounds expressed in a personal written invitation of an organism in F-Strasbourg, and visited therefore the IT and Business trade show held this month in the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart City, on its local medium sized airport, there. Thus, reporting about the following news in Strasbourg and here for you in this article, I should admit that I am still impressed and attracted by the hidden company’s news and the words of its CEO.

“The mint company will grow faster due to the fact of more than 63.000 jobs published in our database, created only for the German industry”, the new CEO whispered. It offers more than a thread to the European states and worldwide, which is appreciated in Strasbourg City not as a good story. So, regarding the economical facts of an ongoing immigration towards richer nations or overseas, this is unpopular news.

There seem to be not enough people on the markets that cause lots of cries! The job stories continue to hit also other states in Central Europe and also in other parts of the world. The fact that nobody can’t be found, this news stands for no deletion of offered jobs in the relevant data bases.

However, the right people can quit their jobs earlier in order to get better paid offers, which participate fully to their next steps of IT careers. As a result, the balance of required talents remains even worse. IT teachers, which are normally hired by the states, shall be hired by the IT industries, with eventually double salaries or more. This is one result due to the high demand for IT experts in Stuttgart. If these specialized teachers would be ready to move to Switzerland, there would be other categories necessary to earn their living there.

Thus, it is not a surprise that only a few of the French companies wanted to know more about some of the background information behind this unbelievable story: recruiters there fear more immigration towards richer countries with higher IT standards, being located opposite to Alsace in Eastern France or by using the Euro-Channel in Calais-Dover.

Pessimistic Outlook for the MINT industries

How to overcome a still increasing bottleneck of missing talent urgently needed in the IT industries? The short-term forecast of a possible increase for the very near future excels a higher demand for skilled IT workers: 8 per cent was announced on the IT convention in Stuttgart. And the normal increase might be lower than 3 per cent in that period of time of approximately 5 years, especially with the actually increasing immigration trends.

How come that recruiting in this sector seems to be so tough?

Is it another reaction describing by the German wordings of ‘the voices echoed from the woods’? One of the easy understandable answers might be the skills shortage in language learning. It seems to be due to the more difficult grammar of the German language, I hear teachers shout.

Therefore, the multi-cultural experienced engineers – ladies first – are always welcome. And the good news is: Solutions were recently found in Sweden by researchers of the Stockholm University in field research on trade shows and in schools and on Campus: 40+ percent better result.

Male and female IT engineers, focusing on better living conditions, their strong desire should be the wish to master the basic challenges here: managing to create highly skilled academic-potentials and continue working in high loyalty within the IT industries: their long-term aim! However, and this it is surprising, candidates arriving here with bachelor and master diplomas, do actively show ‘normal weakness’ such as not having eventually invested enough time in studying abroad: why did they miss Erasmus programs or similar programs overseas?

As a result, unable to speak fluently in at least 2 of 3 world languages – Arab, English, or Spanish – or many more besides the German language, the lack of communication skills and special language knowledge are the main handicap to enter new markets and countries, the team leader of that Swedish research project published on the 2015 IT convention.

Prejudices to learn some of those seldom spoken languages – the German language is not that complicated: Grammar in Poland or writing words in Mandarin are more difficult due to a high percentage of English vocabulary, which was installed smoothly after WW2 here.

This news does not help Germans companies to recruit enough people for the moment and the slogan “no people, no cries”, let me ask a question publicly…: Is German too difficult, maybe worse than learning Chinese and what is the percentage of students learning German now, outside in its’ neighbouring universities in France, England, or Poland?

Regarding German companies in Shanghai – already 210.000 Germans have been immigrating to China – living there for years, try to recruit from European sources the bachelor or master students from Asia Pacific, willing to come home and to support their own country.

The negative effects of getting uprooted in their European studies, the roots in mainland China will be cut instantly. Thus, not only frustrated a bit about the lost chances to get one of the good paid jobs in Europe when the Visa are not extended, this results let them hope to get upgraded in mainland China. The reality is so different.

You can see it in the streets of the metropolitan City of Shanghai on job fairs held in the German Centre or on special events for millions of local students. The Chinese students are regarded as foreigners (guiqiao), when they had been living at least 6 to 8 years abroad.

Their attitudes do not match to the local students who try to get just assistant jobs of young professional. The ‘Gui Qiao’ (pinyin: Foreign Chinese coming home) are regarded as to expensive (similar sound of ‘gui’), and to some extent as aliens due to the different cultural background experiences.

Actually their real problems are the following: actively they do not match the needs of German companies in Asia, as a matter of fact of avoiding communicating within German networks outside China and then in China not in new German-Chinese networks, too. They seem not to be skilled enough to speak fluently in British and/or American English so that their applications are not successful.

Some details are described from my own experiences seen in the German Center, regarding the achieved German language levels, they avoid basic grammar problems such as “der / die / das Fachkra(e)ft(e)-… combined with a second word like the potential (German: the potential expert). It seems to the salient thinking in categories related to the European language standards from A to C, hence, from A1 to B3 in German or C1 or higher in Business English (BE), enabling them to pass the DAF tests or the next exams.

What a sad reality to mention here: some of them are still unable to present ideas or a personal pitch in the unique way of life in up to 55 countries worldwide, in just-in-time manners: 1, 2, 3, German! PLEASE IN ENGLISH! Well done, you might have been hired… as a MBA in two years studying abroad again…

Back from the little excursion from Asia, the experts in Europe, arriving from Stockholm on the IT convention, report that two years of research works have revealed much better learning results when the learning conditions were changed.

So, when people start to re-think “how to learn languages faster and better”, it can be developed with IT software with the aim to do it smoothly: highly efficient schools in Sweden do so.

We are waiting to read some written reviews from the IT convention there to mention here, if possible, some link or hint for possible downloads.

Finally, the surprise was a big one. One invited HR manager, of a global leader in car manufacturing, urged there on the stage of the IT convention: ‘European talents as the future applicants must be able to speak German properly’ especially inside the enterprise network. This caused a lot of questions from the audience. I don’t know how it works in US car companies…

Reflecting, why are meetings held worldwide by their huge group outside of Germany only in English due to their role as a player in a leading export nation: Germany international… some of the answers to FAQs (raised by the loyal audience, remaining there until the last round), were not formulated well enough to believe that German should be a language in international businesses.

And, it is that fact that obliges the applicants to communicate and perfectly present their products in Business English or French, but not German, this is what HR people still think after the IT convention, not daring to shout their opinions publicly, reporting some of the voices.

So, why do skilled talents should be able to speak the German language? This is what the IT convent and its keynote speakers claimed altogether in one team: change it rapidly and underline the needs to re-qualify the German staff in extra courses like ‘in-house communication’. This will improve progressively multilingual levels in global enterprises. So the experts say: “This aim is worth to go.” Do it now, or never!”

Finally, the skills shortage should not double again: its figures will rise from 63.000 job vacancies to more than 120.000 in the year 2020.

Consequences and reactions

Reflecting what were the answers of round about one thousand visitors in the Convention Center in Strasbourg? “This is a surprise, we would not be glad, if the French people engineers got used to talk the language of our neighbour. It would be better if they insist on learning Spanish or Japanese… Therefore, still unable to explore the worlds in Great Britain, England and Germany for a while, “they could compete on IT markets in Stuttgart and leave our country, too” one smart HR recruiting agency assistant said to me, when I left with her silent voice. “So, the salaries can remain on lower levels, made for more people, and more social… ” This is a trend worldwide.

The consequences of the ongoing brain drain hits European intelligence which is still immigrating to California’s Silicon Valley. Attracted by plenty of choices in that global player’s multilingual enterprises, this is what they like. The shouted: “That’s hip!”

Go Us Asia…

Crash reports


Searching for… this is not over now.

After the massive explosions in Northern China you may imagine the area from the port of Binhai in Tianjin. The mankind hearts are with the victims’ friends and families there.

It is worth to report and focus on a still ongoing process which deserved normally a great report about the services provided in the internet industry in Central Europe… in the next post.

For a better understanding you may get good ideas of the internet of things (IOC).

After listening to the video you may ask what would be the role of the so called mouth-to-mouth strategy in the coming years. What would you recommend? Talking about unhappy results or just waiting and doing the analysis? So, no knee-jerk reaction here.

However, the result that neither the possibility to access the internet nor using the standard landline with the well-known telephone numbers seems to be still a topic in many households in Central Europe, therefore the analysis of the behaviour of several internet providers and how they handle that unique problem may be interesting to read.

Furthermore another sources report about financial crashes in Asia Pacific which seem to be driven by carpetbaggers there. Nevertheless, the research analysis in Q3 this year will be worth to start and study thoroughly.

You will be eventually updated in cases such as the very special July 17th, 2015 breakdown of routers of a leading telecommunication provider in Central Europe which seemed to be caused by the extra heat last month. It is true, these damages are serious and may continue hampering global businesses in the fields of:

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Thank you for your attention and your esteemed time in advance. We may be contacted in September… we will see us in a month or so on a cool party after the tremendous heat… which are officially not part of the unpopular climate changes, that can be seen worldwide. However, this seems to be handled in 2050 by whom? Please advice.