Goodbye “Made in Shanghai”?


The is only little news in the Western worlds’ media about a plan of the China government to stop production processes in the greater Shanghai region in the short- and/or middle-term views already.

And, guess what, You can easily imagine some of the basic thoughts, why such a scenario may become a real one in the coming years 2018 – 2025. Yes, it is the obvious tribute to the influence of pollution in mega million cities in the greater Shanghai area.

Exactly, some of your ideas have already come true: rapid changes can be seen in selected cities of the Jiangsu province. These are located close to the metropolis of Shanghai city, beside the Zhejiang province.


Brush up: Why less is more?


No pills?… No, sure, absolutely none!

Believe this news “No pills can make your brain great again.”
It is also a good solution for #45: brain pills are free of charge by learning more languages online!

How about an “Exit of the Brexit”?


How about an “Exit of the BREXIT” or, “No Exit from the EU”?

With the actual announcement in the Metropolis of London to revise the poll on the BREXIT from the EU, people may be irritated about the next steps in the endless discussion on the ending membership of Great Britain in the European Union. You can hear the experts already say: “how can the highest courts or UK’s politicians vote against people’s votes, saying no to the leadership of the European Union in Europe WITHOUT GREAT BRITAIN.

It will lead to a much faster vote by the European Commission to stop further discussions by no change to the existing contracts and rules of almost 1K signed documents within 30 months. It’ll mean then: all those agreements will be regarded as no longer valid.

With today’s announcement in the Metropolis of London the wish to revise the BREXIT poll, people may be irritated about the next steps in an endless discussion on the normally already ended membership of Great Britain in the European Union within two years.

Why without GREAT BRITAIN?

The political ruse to win more time and stay longer in the EU seem to be legal but also it is quite obvious what the tricks behind may include: Win more time and collecting points in tactical gains in negotiations with members of the WTO or ASEAN states (Asia Pacific). Better don’t contact Taiwan first, and inviting engineers and IT experts from UK to contact you in the UK, sounds wise… .

Finally, it is so sad to see that the time to ask for a new entry of UK might be postponed by the EU a decade to the year 2030; maybe this is the time UK needs for new designed politics. Welcome again!

Congratulations to the Nobel Price winner:

Time to see you off?



UK Today: To See You Off Or Maybe Back?

Does UK follow Switzerland, and start to be a third world country?

People may understand that UK always regret to have less influence on the decisions in the EU, although it became the top 5 economy in the world with its not only financial tools. These were offered for example in its prosperous city of London.

In addition, all those flying doctors or nurses from the continent and/or parts of it such as the substantial inflow from Eastern Europe, feeding the dramatic needs of the national health services of the metropolis, all-in-one have helped them improve the living conditions until now. However, all of these benefits are now at risk.

Besides, those states like Scotland, Wales and (Northern) Ireland, who are not willing to loose their membership as a sovereign state in branches with high export rates within the EU, they all fear already the drastic consequences of such a historical decision made by the British on June 23, 2016, today! The risk of no more receiving subsidies from Brussels and no longer being able to export without paying taxes within the EU, this seems to be seen as one reason to opt out from the United Kingdom alternatively.

Therefore, remaining a small island with the since long well known problem of its heavily aging society, the cost for hiring people from Eastern Europe (f.e. from Poland with language skills gathered for years in Great Britain).

The right to join the poll of this referendum is a choice of UK’s citizens, and represents an important fact in order to achieve a richer, safer, and freer financial world in the coming years.

It’s face will show up realistic faces within the next 72 hours – offering special scenarios of one of the worst historic black Fridays ever seen since the WW2.

And people think, or they remain in a sad mood when they see that this poll, which is pointing at important questions like immigration, might abuse people’s role model in their daily life.

It puts their personal choice at higher risks due to the included recession. As a result, the assets or the money lost in a short-term view on the bubbling housing markets, will lead to increasing tax and/or interest rates on the green island.

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), which arrived in former times in the City of London, here especially from states like Cyprus and its Russian based re-directed income from oil businesses), Ireland, Malta and/or Switzerland, all-in-one might flow out to competitive platforms in Frankfurt or Paris. But it seems unreasonable, doesn’t it. How can more than hundred a few thousand jobs in the banking sector be replaced shortly? FAQ: What will the Chinese capital do?

Therefore, you might ask better honest politicians the following question: “Who will be the winner of such games?”

The author of this article about UK, can’t stand it but it may be a new reality!

There will be none, or almost nobody. Most people will regret soon.

No UK, No Cry?

So, sad to see you off and leave the EU?

No, not at all. Feel happy and enjoy the mice dancing on the tables, or explore where most of the citizens voted for LEAVE THE EU against the will of a majority of the younger generations.

The Youth, might invent a new song like “When I am sixty four” written 1967 on the Isle of Wight: In or out of this green island?

International | Ortenau


International | Ortenau

Ein Artikel von | A press blog article by | Ulrich H. Kiefer

“Meine Kandidatur zur IHK-Wahl 2016 in die Vollversammlung der IHK Freiburg – #Lahr / #Ortenau / Dienstleistung”

U. Kiefer IHK Lahr Vollversammlung Wahl-Gruppe IV: Gewerbe Dienstleistung, Verkehr, Beherbergung

Bericht / Schlagwort | Report / keywords: #IHK-Wahlen #plenum #parliament #economy #vote #election #poll

zu 1. Multilingual | Kommunikation | Analyse

International | Ortenau | VIP Chinesen besuchen die Ortenau.

1. Ortenau International: Tourismusangebote verbessern – Alternative Metropolregion?

Eine Gruppe internationaler Liebhaber von badischer Weinsorten, unterrichten im normalen Leben 12 Flugstunden von hier die deutsche Sprache in China. Im Sommer 2015 kamen sie in die Ortenauregion: nach Hohberg. Auf einer Rundreise in die Weinberge oberhalb von Offenburg meinten die Touristen, mit klarem Fernblick auf die Rheinebene und die Metropole Strasbourg: „This looks like Napa Valley.“ Es sieht wie im Napa Tal aus…

Nun, der Vergleich mit Kaliforniens Napa Tal in dem Sunstate USA mag zutreffen. Dennoch, dort wird der Wein unterschiedlich vermarktet, und ganz anders als in Baden: beachtenswert. Mit dem Hintergrundwissen, dass hier das Angebot und somit der Freizeit-Wert in der, rund um den Schwarzwald gelegenen, Region seit 70 Jahren kontinuierlich auf hohem Niveau ausgebaut wird, endete in positiven Gespraechen und dem Wunsch, sich 2016/2017 wieder zu treffen.

Ist dieses Wissen um die Vorteile des Tourismus in der Ortenau ausreichend bekannt?

Leider noch viel zu wenig, weil oftmals Informationen nur gedruckt vorliegen und nicht digitalisiert wurden. Und so ist es wohl dem Zufall zu verdanken, dass VIP Chinesen NUR hierher reisen, weil sich Termine verschieben, Hotels ausgebucht sind: Trip / Tour stoppen. Die Gruppe wird gut vorbereitet wiederkommen mit ausreichend Zeit im Handgepaeck; und gezielt informiert. Die Realitaet sieht anders aus, lesen sie im folgenden typischen Abschnitt.

Auf ihrem 3-Tage-Marathon, via VIP-Bus, ueber Paris nach Freiburg und weiter Richtung Sueden durch die Schweiz nach Italien, dokumentieren am Airport stets zahlreiche Belege bei der Ausreise uber Frankfurt das grosse Interesse an unseren Waren. Einmal wurde in einer Gruppe (ohne Kind) das Gewicht eines Koffers mit 48 kg festgestellt. Das fliegende Hotel-Juumboo A3XY, nimmt es mit; dann wird fehlender Schlaf nachgeholt. Lifestyle pur? Nicht wirklich.

Die Alternative: Wohlfuehlen durch Wellness versus schwere Lasten beim Check-in schleppen, und ganz abgesehen von dem Problem mit dem Zoll bei Ankunft in Asien. Nun hat sich eine Gruppe angesagt: via London, frueher war es Paris, tangiert sie die Ortenau, um danach nach Innovationen aus der Schweiz Ausschau zu halten.

Es gilt: Umdenken ist ein Muss, gepaart mit dem Erwerb von Sprachen, bis zu 5 Dialekte, wie in der Schweiz.

Das schweizer Vorbild kann in der Ortenau weiter wirken. Online Technologien erlauben es Ihnen dank neuer Forschungsergebnisse aus den USA, nun online Sprachen zu lernen – es kann funktionieren; Fortschritte werden regelmaessig, alle 24 Stunden, in kleineren Einheiten, binnen drei Monaten erzielt: optional bis zu 8 Sprachen, Italienisch oder Spanisch, Tuerkisch oder hier seltener gesprochen Schwedisch, bald Griechisch… sind verfuegbar. Das ist ein echter Gewinn, nicht nur fuer aktive Menschen; multipliziert, zaehlen diese Kenntnisse in der lernenden Export-Wirtschaft. Die Ortenau ist eine originale, innovative Region: Skills welcome! Wissen willkommen! Bienvenue!

Weniger ist mehr.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Sincerely / Med vanliga hälsningar

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Winning start?

I am glad to publish here some great feedback on my article “No people, no cry.”

Reports about the skills shortage in the IT industries revealed some important truths behind this complex topic worldwide. It appeared with the global immigration stream that hit not only Central, Northern Europe, UK, etc.

However, desperate skills shortage cries for HELP have instantly vanished, due to the fact that plenty of skilled and motivated people have reached their personal paradise, always ready to invest their energies

One thing is certain: traditional or classical thoughts in the HR industries, producing slogans like: “if the new citizens spoke German or Swedish etc. they might be hired and put into HR databases which are developed mostly in the national languages. These are installed in IT for the administration of people in local software languages.

The demand for people is based on lower expectations in most of the global economies. The need to be able to talk the national dialects has changed or cut the search for experts fluent in English, as the global language that might help overcome communication problems in up to 55 countries worldwide. Searching for and recruiting skilled talents has become rare in the HR teams: so, job descriptions for Human Resources managers such as HR-Recruiter, do not at all fit for the actual needs of the European labour markets.

According to the above mentioned feedback that actual slogans should be changed into sentences like the following: “HELP, we suffer from CLIENT SHORTAGE” and/or “We need HELP and more incoming orders”. This is due to global changes in 2015.

Thus, the topic of missing multilingual people seems no longer count any more. Within a few months you can study one or more languages online and free-of-charge. You might find out quickly that good jobs could find be found easily if you opted out for your special wild card: so, choose and focus on learning daily all those seldom spoken languages. It will work well for example with the language Swedish.

Furthermore, we can hear from feedback arriving from Asia Pacific. Sources report from millions of talents with a Bachelor and/or a Master degree. Actually they cannot find equivalent jobs, get well paid or offered opportunities in their own country, It’s a tribute to a since long expected downturn in China’s economy which is based in mass production.

Finally, the world looks forward to the next salient taken decision, a hot topic like “Great Britain supported by Europe” as it was mega-phoned by global media or newspaper.

Therefore, if the country remained within the settings of the European Union or left it possibly at the end of June 2016, in both cases the world might ask even today one of those important questions concerning its important military bases in Europe.

These were fixed especially after World War 2 (WW2) reaching f.e. towards Western Asia until today.
FAQ: Will these be given up then by Great Britain? Who will take over those UK air bases, which do still exist in the former independent kingdom of Cyprus?

Could it be winning start of a hidden champion in Asia, a quick move in a weak moment, similar to the events happening the 1974? And, how would Europe react then?

P.S. It will be forwarded to a dialogue held in the coming week on the occupied island of Cyprus, dealing with details, how to build up multi-polar worlds. Will all those anchor-less speculations about Cyprus, published recently in Switzerland come finally true?

“A final deal on the historical occupation in 1974 creating the never internationally accepted isolated republic besides well protected buildings of the UN in the North of the island Cyprus?

The world would be curious about the topic, who will move into the former kingdom Cyprus, if people in Great Britain – with or without Scotland – dared to vote for a special mission impossible: Why leaving a weak EU?

Will we get used to listen to new sounds or miss some of those classics, presented 2011 in Old Europe…?

2015 Spring awakening


First impressions from the soon coming “spring awakening”

Bolero and Impressions from “Spring in France | Strasbourg and Paris”


Making things better

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Why China – The Review?


China-live: No-Risk and no-Life?

With the beginning of the 21st century, Asia reaches the peak in it’s economies. So, you may ask us:

“How about energy?” and think about:

“The cheapest and most efficient consumption of energy is the one you do not use.”


Please compare the situation to the emerging countries like Africa…


Here are some conclusions from Year 2014 from

The 17th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency EXPO on July 31, 2014.

Panel 7: Energy Efficiency

As a result you may agree on this summary

“The best and most efficient consumption of energy is the one you do not use”.

Thank you for your interest and your esteemed time.



Stuttgart Airport

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