The voice from Nepal


The voice from Nepal – after the earthquakes

Looking for assistance of the victims due to the Earthquake in Nepal

Nepal Travels (AATT Kathmandu) asking for “Donations for Nepal”
„Spenden für Nepal“ Kontonummer / IBAN on request
Kreissparkasse Heilbronn in Germany

Update 2015.05.30

For your donations, please use the following link:


Receiving this message by Skype

“Dear friend, On April 25th, 2015, a Saturday morning at 11:56 local time, Nepal was badly hit by an earthquake reaching 7.8 on the Richter scale. Its central point was located about 90 kilometers from the northern parts of Kathmandu, and close to the nearby Himalayas.

This massive disaster has killed actually more than 8500 people, including also many innocent children. Furthermore, 15.000 people are wounded and 500 people are still missing. The outcome: several schools, health posts, and the heritage sites of Kathmandu plus another 250.000 houses are totally damaged.

Homeless people are looking for assistance, in search of clear drinking water, food, medicine and shelters. The earthquake affected Nepal’s extensive hilly landscape: 20 mountains regions with a population of eight million inhabitants.

Luckily, my family and I, we were safe. However, we lost our house in the village.

Therefore, as we are concerned about other people, we started right away the active support of victims.
We donated blankets, drinking water, dry food, and tents in some village area parallel to international organizations, which do the support of Nepal with many aids arriving from all over the world here.

However, it is still not sufficient. Especially the need for shelters is huge: victims are looking for tents as a short-term accommodation.

Please, I would like to request you to join hands together for this relief program which helps the victims here: you can contribute anything, just as you can, and we will take all your assistance directly to the victims. As a proof, we will send you pictures of all the activities. We can be just a bridge between you and the victims.

For long-term we need to support health posts and schools and to rebuild houses; this will take some time, maybe some years. If you want to donate in cash we can provide you the bank account. We will buy goods and distribute these to the victims. I am looking forwards your kind response.Best regards Rabin Baral ”

Contact address of Rabin Baral: email: baral dot rabin (at) gmail dot com; phone in Nepal +977 (0) 98 51 00 48 59″

All the best wishes to Nepal.

Emotional sorrow


Deepest Sorrow

#Nepal #Earthquake #Kathmandu #Asia #Chomolungma

Nepal was hit again by those earthquakes predicted since more than one decade. Remembering friends and their families, this video may show you now the beauty of its hidden capital: one of the really unique world heritages.
Nepal 1

Nepal 1

The world has been facing also severe crashes of aircraft in the last months. Regarding the latest crash in France we would like to express our deepest sorrow for the innocent 150 passengers and staff here.

Let us pray for all the families and friends of the victims and wish them all our sympathies on this blog.

2015 Spring awakening


First impressions from the soon coming “spring awakening”

Bolero and Impressions from “Spring in France | Strasbourg and Paris”


Making things better

Update: 2015.05.29 12:23

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Is this China 2015?


Getting an impression of China 2014/2015

Here an example of just 9 days in China 2014.

So, imagine 90 days travelling in Asia and all the work behind in finding the right thing you might be looking for since long for a reasonalbe price. Enjoy this diffeviews from a location close to Shanghai:

More about “Harmonica in China”
Please request Kurt T. J. Rössler’s Publication ” Harmonica Info 148 “.

In Memoriam of …: actual interesting insights from the
“Reich der Mitte” Kult und Kultur in China rund um die Mundharmonika”
Nachruf aus China anlässlich des Todes des deutschsprachigen Mundharmonikafans.

and (check 1:45:35) visit short version

Announcing the film start in cinemas all over mainland China:

Enjoy. More information is published in the German review on the harmonica lover U. B.. RIP.

Hands-on mentality


How about helping hands for your start-up?

Why young entrepreneurs are looking for visionary host entrepreneurs in networks like this…

Amazing things may start eventually with a crazy idea…

imported from Asia Pacific / China due to daily life…

Update 07.03.2015

But as a time traveller


But as a time traveller | Confucius today

“As a time traveller, Confucius might say today:
LEArN from looking into the internet of things.”

And, as always, in the same way,
“EARn from how to ask an important question.”

So, in 2014 The Chinese Year of the Horse – end of January 2014…

It will be replaced by the Chinese Year of the Goat on February 19th, 2015.
And you may learn some words like chopsticks for the coming year…

(c)2015/2016 Ulrich H. Kiefer All Rights Reserved.

All about the revolutionary bio


All about the revolutionary BIO of #ARNdeS

Interview with Mrs Angelina R. N. de Silva, briefly #ARNdeS, from Sri Lanka.

#ARNdeS says: “All about my revolutionary BIO”

“Being asked, how to submit my smart pitch to innovative businesses, this BIO was developed recently by DoTo² for me. Thus, combining my top 10 news for you,


CMB | Asia Pacific | SE Asia  | Worldwide All Rights Reserved. (c)2015 #ARNDES

CMB | Asia Pacific | SE Asia | Worldwide All Rights Reserved. (c)2015 #ARNdeS

hammer the messages home to the HR manager’s desk, ready to download in their database.

My latest pitch, such as:
– My focuses and
– My visionary future
– My educational background
– My work experiences
– My PC- / IT- and
– My improved language skills
– My regional / eventually global mobility
– My social project(s)
– My social network and as a plus
– My hidden smart pitch here.

All this data are now transparently shown online at [ / kiefer / ?p=1804].

As a result, search for “”Angelina R. N. de Silva”, or “#ARNDES”, also available on So, visible worldwide to you in a most recent and comprehensable way of good advice,

Get the message in a few seconds, download my bio – which is made easy for my potential employer, you!

Finally, I really think: ‘this is revolutionary: All information, reducing data a last year’s resume (in Verdana 12, 1,5 sized) of 8 pages now just to one single page‘. Wow!

As a result, you will get the point: so, I think, this is new!
And so, I really would like to read salient feedback from you.

DoTo² / Mr Ulrich H. Kiefer confirms: “And your search is over. Here is ARNdeS’ BIO. Arriving from SE Asia she will be a potential candidate, applying hereby in the banking sector f.e. in:

– The Americas
– the Middle East
– Central Europe and/or
– Asia Pacific region.

Feel free to contact DoTo² at any time if you are looking forward to improve the imbalanced situation in your company’s demographic trend.”

Please send your email to #ARNdeS’ DoTo² partner:

Email address: Aus-CaNZ [at] VisionCo [dot] De . Thank you.

Please note! We do not like spam a bit – all of it will be reported.

Report evolutionary Cyprus-Greece talks!


Hello, dear international readers of this blog,

The world is changing faster again. And so, regarding and reading the news about the latest developments in Greece, people in Cyprus fear that
– foreign capital from Greece plus also
– the human resource from there
will flow into the beautiful island of Europe, but located in Asia:
from here arrive the news: Cyprus and its divided capital Nicosia City (CY).

Why doing banking business in Cyprus?

Although Cyprus being legally separated from the former colonial power Greece, it might be necessary to separate the local people from other peoples for example in the banking sector: it seems more than most likely, that bank tourists, who might be queuing up in front of Cypriot banks, tend to look forward for a quick deal in spring 2015 starting from now on.

Thus, it might be useful and logical to intensify the daily routines of the customs and other civil services by requesting additionally checks of personal ID cards and/or passports from potential clients in small Cypriot banks: their security matters as well and the data should be protected.

Why entry controls in Northern Cyprus?

Besides, this is new: It is the updated practice now that 100 percent controls at the internal border in Nicosia City have been installed and tightened for all of the visitors. So if you plan to go and visit or come back from the occupied part of the Cypriot island (Northern Cyprus), the situation has changed to the former non clarified status quo due to the ongoing toxic situation since 15.07.1974: an unbelievable occupation of a foreign country.

Why working in Southern Cyprus?

This is special: it might be interesting to learn more about those internal data from Greece and Cyprus such as the actual height of the different minimum wage levels in both countries regarded on a monthly base: what a triggering effect: the level of income on the islands differs a lot: looking across the slightly raising growth trend in Southern Cyprus, you may find the opposite on the continental landscape with its wonderful Hellenistic islands.

Standing out by more than 60 (in words sixty) percent compared to the shrinking standards in the downsizing economy of the ancient historic leaders, some pride ancient Greeks seem to run out of liquid resources. This means good business for real estate agencies and financial institutions on the local mortgage markets.

What will be the expected next steps?

Global discussions also influenced the author of a German book with the translated title “poverty is theft”. The talks consider the severe situation of Greece that has been always riding on the very thin path to survive.

If you would like to listen to the German conversation, You may go straight forward to the arguments starting from minute 41:50 with the result that the debts of Greece might be written off and that Greece will restart with its status of more or less ZERO. This topic will be one of the key questions in Europe throughout the banking sector worldwide starting from now: ” Would a debt relief be one of the best options for Greece? ”

Please advice. Thank you for your attention and your esteemed time in advance.
And a personal statement at the end: we would be all sad to see you leave the EU and join the Eurasian link: so let us cross the fingers and let us dance together this famous Syrtaki dance on the marketplaces all over Europe again.

Three little stars


3 little stars

After reading last year the interesting Christmas story the first time, located in one of the centres of the Milky Way, “Three little stars”, some people thought that the author of the poem, Georg W. Pijet (1907-1988), wanted to tell us a great story for a better life of handicapped people, here the blind.

They can learn more about healthy energies and powerful lights.

However, today I got the impression of the deepest darkness out there in our space: So, shall the freedom of speech and creativity of fresh ideas overcome the opinions of the rest of the world by its violation as it happened today in the centre of Europe: in Paris?

No! Never! It won’t be possible, neither will any fatal action erase creative ideas nor will our happiness vanish due to forced actions.

For sure, the good spirits will be expressed globally – more open and this is what all the peoples worldwide can learn from it, now.

And hopefully, the world will never give a little chance to any form of such horrible influences as it happened in the French metropolis, in Central Paris (11th district).

As a result, our hearts are from now on with the families of those innocent victims of these attacks: an unbelievable shocking story.

However, one thing is certain: the hunt for those gunmen will be done quickly after being identified… to be updated 2015/01/07.

(c)2012-2015 Stop rape globally

(c)2012-2015 Ulrich H. Kiefer Photo ‘Lights of Marseille’

Peaceful Paris

Peaceful Strasbourg / France

China international


From New York to Shanghai

– Year End 2014 / 2015

Condolences from all over the world after the WNY celebration before the CNY

This is new: tourists in Hong Kong SAR know that even visiting the fireworks has been always a safe and/or a must go event: So, you can hear Hong Kong people say: ‘please, just enjoy it’.

However, it might have been more than a lack of training and/or motivation of the security services around the location of annual fireworks. As a matter of fact, not any tragic scenes were reported. It seems that massive crowds caused unexpected stress to engaged security staff there.

The great event of happiness at this time happened turned into a disaster when thousands of young and encouraged people – always open to say ‘hello to the New Year of the Western world’ (WNY) – moved and some of them fell down.

Around six weeks earlier before the Chinese New Year (CNY) of the Goat (sheep) arrives, better news may show up on global news tickers. It’s likely due to predictions of those ancient traditions.

Furthermore such severe accident will strengthen the ongoing brain drain trends: intelligent students trying to broaden their education outside too crowded cities will lead to consequences for their improved future graduations in various creative study programs of open-spaced cities.

It is consequent that East Asia’s go-global-trends will magnify updated behaviour of responsible parents when early decisions of pro-moving around the world thinking might prefer the better care for the safety of their unique and highly skilled children for sure. So, this is the good point.

Finally, this is certain: we’ll see quick learning effects as the first messages from Asia – ultimately after the stampede. Today we are with all the families of innocent victims from South East Asia.

News from the movie film

“Old Boy – The Way of the dragon” with music from a German speaking componist who died in Dec 2014.

Our suggestion here is: start watching the video from 1 hour 45 minutes (exactly 1:45:35). The actors, here the singing duo Xiao Dabao and Wang Xiaoshuai, present the new world to their spectators in China.

Unfortunately after the New Year Shanghai Event in Southern China, many family members lost their lives plus their beloved members in the stampede Therefore, we are all with the families of those innocent victims. We hope the very best for the injured patients, and a quick recovery from a traumatic stress.