All about that car on fire

‚All about that car on fire’ by U.K., a magic story or a summer tale born in Hohberg b. Offenburg, in the Strasbourg-Ortenau Region in Deutschland-Germany in a Central Europe border triangle country.

Look at me: I was your car. What? So, whose car was I before I was burnt? And may I ask? How many cars had been burnt or will be burnt in the future? What can we do against this illegal crime? However, one thing is so surprising: Nobody wants to know anything about it to report to the world.

‚Alles über Autos im Feuer’, eine magische Geschichte/ein Sommermaerchen, die in Hohberg b. Offenburg, in der Strassburg-Ortenau Region Deutschlands, mitten im Dreilaendereck Europas entstand.

Schau mich an: Ich war Dein Auto. Wie bitte? Wer war der Eigentuemer bevor ich brannte?

Darf ich fragen, wieviele Autos brannten und/oder zukuenftig brennen?
Was koennen wir dagegen unternehmen? Es ueberrascht, dass niemand etwas darueber weiss, um es der Welt zu berichten.

Copyright © 2010 Ulrich H. Kiefer, All Rights Reserved.

what will be next?
in a special countryside called wunder-l-end

lofe the lofe in life

Wondering how things happened just now these days ‘in lofe’ on all those ‘des lofe para-des’… I thought there should be some more romantic views of a life in peace in another wonderful countryside full of plenty wild living animals such as rare birds, butterflies and deer in the Black Forest. You can see that unique and powerful water wheel in the following video, titled  ‘lofe the real lofe’. Enjoy! 

one of the great energies of real water wheels here in Germany most famous areas

in Hohberg b. Offenburg in Deutschland