All about the revolutionary bio


All about the revolutionary BIO of #ARNdeS

Interview with Mrs Angelina R. N. de Silva, briefly #ARNdeS, from Sri Lanka.

#ARNdeS says: “All about my revolutionary BIO”

“Being asked, how to submit my smart pitch to innovative businesses, this BIO was developed recently by DoTo² for me. Thus, combining my top 10 news for you,


CMB | Asia Pacific | SE Asia  | Worldwide All Rights Reserved. (c)2015 #ARNDES

CMB | Asia Pacific | SE Asia | Worldwide All Rights Reserved. (c)2015 #ARNdeS

hammer the messages home to the HR manager’s desk, ready to download in their database.

My latest pitch, such as:
– My focuses and
– My visionary future
– My educational background
– My work experiences
– My PC- / IT- and
– My improved language skills
– My regional / eventually global mobility
– My social project(s)
– My social network and as a plus
– My hidden smart pitch here.

All this data are now transparently shown online at [ / kiefer / ?p=1804].

As a result, search for “”Angelina R. N. de Silva”, or “#ARNDES”, also available on So, visible worldwide to you in a most recent and comprehensable way of good advice,

Get the message in a few seconds, download my bio – which is made easy for my potential employer, you!

Finally, I really think: ‘this is revolutionary: All information, reducing data a last year’s resume (in Verdana 12, 1,5 sized) of 8 pages now just to one single page‘. Wow!

As a result, you will get the point: so, I think, this is new!
And so, I really would like to read salient feedback from you.

DoTo² / Mr Ulrich H. Kiefer confirms: “And your search is over. Here is ARNdeS’ BIO. Arriving from SE Asia she will be a potential candidate, applying hereby in the banking sector f.e. in:

– The Americas
– the Middle East
– Central Europe and/or
– Asia Pacific region.

Feel free to contact DoTo² at any time if you are looking forward to improve the imbalanced situation in your company’s demographic trend.”

Please send your email to #ARNdeS’ DoTo² partner:

Email address: Aus-CaNZ [at] VisionCo [dot] De . Thank you.

Please note! We do not like spam a bit – all of it will be reported.

Three little stars


3 little stars

After reading last year the interesting Christmas story the first time, located in one of the centres of the Milky Way, “Three little stars”, some people thought that the author of the poem, Georg W. Pijet (1907-1988), wanted to tell us a great story for a better life of handicapped people, here the blind.

They can learn more about healthy energies and powerful lights.

However, today I got the impression of the deepest darkness out there in our space: So, shall the freedom of speech and creativity of fresh ideas overcome the opinions of the rest of the world by its violation as it happened today in the centre of Europe: in Paris?

No! Never! It won’t be possible, neither will any fatal action erase creative ideas nor will our happiness vanish due to forced actions.

For sure, the good spirits will be expressed globally – more open and this is what all the peoples worldwide can learn from it, now.

And hopefully, the world will never give a little chance to any form of such horrible influences as it happened in the French metropolis, in Central Paris (11th district).

As a result, our hearts are from now on with the families of those innocent victims of these attacks: an unbelievable shocking story.

However, one thing is certain: the hunt for those gunmen will be done quickly after being identified… to be updated 2015/01/07.

(c)2012-2015 Stop rape globally

(c)2012-2015 Ulrich H. Kiefer Photo ‘Lights of Marseille’

Peaceful Paris

Peaceful Strasbourg / France

China international


From New York to Shanghai

– Year End 2014 / 2015

Condolences from all over the world after the WNY celebration before the CNY

This is new: tourists in Hong Kong SAR know that even visiting the fireworks has been always a safe and/or a must go event: So, you can hear Hong Kong people say: ‘please, just enjoy it’.

However, it might have been more than a lack of training and/or motivation of the security services around the location of annual fireworks. As a matter of fact, not any tragic scenes were reported. It seems that massive crowds caused unexpected stress to engaged security staff there.

The great event of happiness at this time happened turned into a disaster when thousands of young and encouraged people – always open to say ‘hello to the New Year of the Western world’ (WNY) – moved and some of them fell down.

Around six weeks earlier before the Chinese New Year (CNY) of the Goat (sheep) arrives, better news may show up on global news tickers. It’s likely due to predictions of those ancient traditions.

Furthermore such severe accident will strengthen the ongoing brain drain trends: intelligent students trying to broaden their education outside too crowded cities will lead to consequences for their improved future graduations in various creative study programs of open-spaced cities.

It is consequent that East Asia’s go-global-trends will magnify updated behaviour of responsible parents when early decisions of pro-moving around the world thinking might prefer the better care for the safety of their unique and highly skilled children for sure. So, this is the good point.

Finally, this is certain: we’ll see quick learning effects as the first messages from Asia – ultimately after the stampede. Today we are with all the families of innocent victims from South East Asia.

News from the movie film

“Old Boy – The Way of the dragon” with music from a German speaking componist who died in Dec 2014.

Our suggestion here is: start watching the video from 1 hour 45 minutes (exactly 1:45:35). The actors, here the singing duo Xiao Dabao and Wang Xiaoshuai, present the new world to their spectators in China.

Unfortunately after the New Year Shanghai Event in Southern China, many family members lost their lives plus their beloved members in the stampede Therefore, we are all with the families of those innocent victims. We hope the very best for the injured patients, and a quick recovery from a traumatic stress.