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Lessons learnt from Asia Pacific 2014…

It is important to do it now. Against the main stream which seems to lead to much lower growth rates than estimated or globally wanted.

Lessons learnt from visiting a job fair in Shanghai Pudong, you may understand even better those words:

Create space for young professionals’ looks for better horizon, jobs, profession, and companies recruiting staff.

So, think, re-think. Then act and re-act.

CO² save energy

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Europe, Germany

Thank you for your attention and your esteemed time in advance.

About ‘audio, disco, video’


About ‘audio, disco, video”

hearing, learning, see more…

Based on desktop research you can learn that the ancient latin words ‘audio, disco, video’ mean the following:

I hear, I learn and I see.

What we can learn from this three magic words in the modern worlds of communication will be part of this article.

To be updated ASAP in Asia Pacific’s regions Hong Kong SAR and China, as well as in Dubai after several events…

Music | and | Words | for | Poetry | Slam

Sarah H. with fans and friends after the first Franco-German Poetry Slam

Sarah H. and friends in Strasbourg, Central Europe, Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region (c) Copyright 2011 Photo by Ulrich H. Kiefer

The concerts in Offenburg and the Metropole Strasbourg-France reinvigorated the language skills of the youth. Very funny and unique in the Arte TV video is  Minute 52:30 of a show, which was held in the Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region near Switzerland: this was a real success story without any doubt…!

More about the history of Poetry Slam… you will be updated soon. The material is on it’s way…

Until then enjoy the video until year end 2011 by searching for the following keywords in the web:

The ARTE TV video is online: lenght 3:40:14 hours.

It can be seen when searching for that information: ‘Arte TV slammen’ or in more details looking for:

ofaj/dfjw, video, liveweb., arte., tv, de, 30.06.2011, slammen.

July 2011: the world lost talented young professionals and  WA. singing a last song  Tears in heaven

Why not being amused about that ‘toxic waste on grasslands’?

Stories from the Eurodistrict and all about 'not seen any pollution here'

close to Hohberg b. Offenburg in the Eurodistrict

Great news from the Eurodistrict, dated September 26, 2010 in Hohberg by Offenburg, Ortenau, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Reporting and delivering details by photos to several departments in different towns all over Germany, there was no further improvement on the camp of pollution here at places 2.

1. Based on acts of severe pollution of the air, the grounds and also the ground water, nobody thought actively of counter measures to that case of violation of a lovely pure nature there.

2. Neither in the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, where people are busy due to the storms of emotions (Stuttgart 21…) nor in the main capital, Berlin or elsewhere, to all of them pollution doesn’t count, will it later?

3. Mail from the General Environment Agency in Berlin should be, according to the contents, forwarded to the headquarters of the Ortenau district to their powerful managers in the wars against the environmental crimes there.

As a result, claiming for any progress hereafter, the lessons will be easy to understand.

Quoting statements like ‘without any further proof to the public trade and industrial inspectorate nobody there seems to be willing to continue this case of wild violations.

4. Thus, as a sad matter of fact, further reporting to the mayor and his deputies or the civil counsel around the leadership team here and also the mayor of the next bigger cities, most likely will be not successful. But why?

‚Perfect’ environmental management regulations, it is no wonder, are immediately understood when you might talk to teachers in schools there in the outback… about the role of East Asian economies and reports from mega cities in Asia Pacific and crimes against the humanity.

However, the human right for fresh air, safe soil and clear drinking water, all that might lead to questions like: what could be done to organize a better world there… getting rid of the pink sunglasses or let them face the thrash and waste quoted like ‘toxic waste on grasslands in… ’.

Not in Asia, but in the center of the Eurodistrict close to Strasbourg. So, ‘impossible is all what is might not be and this pollution here was only a dream of a few contempory witnesses’ out there in the wild nature between place 2 reported here the past months including photos…

Summary: keep on dreaming of fairy tales and always think we have a paradise here in the Black Forest nearby the Eurodistrict in the outback…

tags: ‘Sondermuell auf der Wiese’, Sept 23, 2010, a press release in the newspaper ‘Badische Zeitung’ in Offenburg and Hohberg.

All about the castle views…

What to do if a rescue team could not reach the citizens of this famous village for red wine or more…?

This salient story is a really interesting one: wishing to know more about the famous castle which was sold via the Baden-Baden connection to really nice people from Eastern Europe, which were announced so friendly here in south-west Germany: welcome to Kappelrodeck!

We also learn, after several requests,  that the keywords for that wonderful place to stay preferred by the climate and also its geology can be summarized in a word cloud just like the following sentence: all about the high quality and premium red wines and/or the new ecological tourism in the Black Forest region’.

Thus, and this seems to be a problem here: all above this really important topics, seems not or not really to count. Have a look at the photo and download it to get a glimpse of its narrow streets in the mountains; you will see and understand that the demographically angle in this village might involve a real problem for their citizens.

So, asking what might happen, if emergency calls would create the needs to pass such a bottleneck, people might ask then the following questions:

Who would be responsible for the not just-in-time arrival and who were responsible for not provided rescue services then?

Altogether, the rescue teams would really like that situation, wouldn’t they?

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One of those special bottlenecks of rescue teams in the beautiful mountains of the famous Black Forest: vehicles as a possible threat
Kappelrodeck, Deutschland Germany, Black Forest region