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Reporting from a visit of the second recruiting trade show in the Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region

Being asked about new trends in South East Asia Ulrich H. Kiefer answered to questions like ‘What are the new trends in HR recruiting in the Greater Shanghai Region’…

One of the valid answers were: the situations will be changing rapidly due to an unhealthy demographic development in some Central European countries.

Thus asking the local HR manager’s plans in their strategy to scout for and finally catch the talented people the surprised facelift was really stunning:
– How to Win more time now with better strategies as the lessonss-to-learn from Asia Pacific?
– How to invest time in the research on foreign markets f.e. in the fields of HR development analysis?
– How to change the actual offline situation into online scenarios in selected social media.

Finally, Ulrich H. Kiefer mentioned the key phrase you can hear in the streats of Hong Kong and other metropoles everyday and everywhere: ‘This-Is-China’.

You may visit also the new video report with the video title
‘Meetropool | This-Is-China | Jia Xing’. ENjoy.

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Meetropool | Japanese for | Chinese


Meetropool | Dream For Life in Japan | China

Japanese for Chinese 3.0

Why China is losing its quality workers…

It happened in ancient towns around Chengdu…

Historical events reported Chengdu people as powerful…

It is still a secret: the best things of China are exported now to Japan…

And these are the conditions for healthy men…: not drinking and smoking… the monthly income of 7.000 RMB working 72 hours a week – food and hotel rooms are inclusive for in total three years, always two men as partners in one good hotel room…

They will see their families regularly three times a year again. Most of them are actually single.

Their flights will be paid, too. Japan’s electronic industry must hire cheap labour from China now due to its worsening demographic factor in Chibu.

According to some desktop internet research there seem to be living less than 50 people per square kilometer now. If one of these might fall in love, it is most likely that this Chinese worker will never come back.

The reasons seem to be more than obvious in these days full of smog and the polluted air in Beijing according to this critical statements. ‘The television program and especially the food is much better, the sky is clear, and the working conditions are much more improved, so that the chances for a real career in Japan are good there’, he shouts. What do they know about Fukushima?

On my questions such as ‘why not working in Shanghai?’, he smiles at me, raises the hands and describes the landing scenarios, a movement of a plane, arriving on a beautiful island in the ocean with natural resources and sponsored job opportunities in a modern world that suffers from a lack of young people willing to start a second life. …Sayonara! Good night, China.

Sorry, they workers did not prefer to be on a photo due to this actual and unique case of labour exports to China’s neighbour…

International testing of the service quality (letter logistics)


Logistics is complicated’ especially for insiders who might believe this…
Please read and comment…

Believe it or not – sending a letter by express mail for example from a metropolitan city in Southern Asia (for example in Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Shanghai) lead to new sales arguments in order to make ways of transportation longer although it could be shorter.
The real problem behind is that the guarantees have become a burden for most of the carriers, kerosene prices increased, labour cost also and thus the margins are lower. Nowadays you might hear arguments that aircrafts have to fly via Southern Asia to Northern Asia and from there with a stopover in South Korea to get the tanks full.
Then further statements that the transportation within Europe by freight carriers might take up to two days from locations that are close together (less than 400 km). This takes in reality less than half an hour by air mail which the clients are paying for. They do not use the BER, the unfinished airport or logistics centres that are disturbed by passenger traffic.
The biggest point however is then the fact, that mailing services have to transport urgent letters by extra cars that will need for transports less than 15 km needs round about 12 minutes.
As a result, you might re-think why letters who might need maximum 18 hours transportation are delivered in 72 hours only. Is this a strategy to satisfy clients or get them to pay higher prices?
Testing, how long letters might take then we use today QR Codes linking to this website. Feel free to tell us the time and place where you have seen these letters.

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First international results

know how to present in one minute – savoir presenter dans une minute

I am so thankful that I could get fresh ideas and also a glimpse of the innovation in that region which seems to be so ambitious and crazy for innovation – for a better world we will live in.

By the way, France knows the usage of natural products pretty well.

This fact was hidden until the news was published: verveine in leading hotels and restaurants…

After the storms in -Hohberg

After The Storms in Hohberg b. Offenburg in the Ortenau, Baden-Wuerttemberg in Deutschland:

Do you know everything about that news?

So now, all the corn poppies are gone, and you can see the reason for it here.

A video will suggest services of concerns on a class of services and/or signs:

the stormy night message dated July 14, 2010 reported about these revolutionary winds.

The storms of change from the Western and Eastern part of the world:

After Olivia following Lothar here… So, the FAQ is: what is or will be next?

After The Storms in –Hohberg –Offenburg in –Deutschland

Zixenberg in Hohberg b. Offenburg in Deutschland