Musics in the knees?


The autumn has reached and faster than estimated Christmas times may be celebrated differently. Why? 15 years ago on 26.12.2001, a tsunami hit South East Asia and just ten years after another earthquake hit Japan.

The changes seen there are impressive: why not dancing in Japan or….

Visiting Far East Asia in spring 2017

Yokoso! Japan


Why not walk a marathon in the coming years?

Discover and enjoy it: move your body.

All about the revolutionary bio


All about the revolutionary BIO of #ARNdeS

Interview with Mrs Angelina R. N. de Silva, briefly #ARNdeS, from Sri Lanka.

#ARNdeS says: “All about my revolutionary BIO”

“Being asked, how to submit my smart pitch to innovative businesses, this BIO was developed recently by DoTo² for me. Thus, combining my top 10 news for you,


CMB | Asia Pacific | SE Asia  | Worldwide All Rights Reserved. (c)2015 #ARNDES

CMB | Asia Pacific | SE Asia | Worldwide All Rights Reserved. (c)2015 #ARNdeS

hammer the messages home to the HR manager’s desk, ready to download in their database.

My latest pitch, such as:
– My focuses and
– My visionary future
– My educational background
– My work experiences
– My PC- / IT- and
– My improved language skills
– My regional / eventually global mobility
– My social project(s)
– My social network and as a plus
– My hidden smart pitch here.

All this data are now transparently shown online at [ / kiefer / ?p=1804].

As a result, search for “”Angelina R. N. de Silva”, or “#ARNDES”, also available on So, visible worldwide to you in a most recent and comprehensable way of good advice,

Get the message in a few seconds, download my bio – which is made easy for my potential employer, you!

Finally, I really think: ‘this is revolutionary: All information, reducing data a last year’s resume (in Verdana 12, 1,5 sized) of 8 pages now just to one single page‘. Wow!

As a result, you will get the point: so, I think, this is new!
And so, I really would like to read salient feedback from you.

DoTo² / Mr Ulrich H. Kiefer confirms: “And your search is over. Here is ARNdeS’ BIO. Arriving from SE Asia she will be a potential candidate, applying hereby in the banking sector f.e. in:

– The Americas
– the Middle East
– Central Europe and/or
– Asia Pacific region.

Feel free to contact DoTo² at any time if you are looking forward to improve the imbalanced situation in your company’s demographic trend.”

Please send your email to #ARNdeS’ DoTo² partner:

Email address: Aus-CaNZ [at] VisionCo [dot] De . Thank you.

Please note! We do not like spam a bit – all of it will be reported.

HR Development


HR Development (HRD)

Reporting from a visit of the second recruiting trade show in the Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region

Being asked about new trends in South East Asia Ulrich H. Kiefer answered to questions like ‘What are the new trends in HR recruiting in the Greater Shanghai Region’…

One of the valid answers were: the situations will be changing rapidly due to an unhealthy demographic development in some Central European countries.

Thus asking the local HR manager’s plans in their strategy to scout for and finally catch the talented people the surprised facelift was really stunning:
– How to Win more time now with better strategies as the lessonss-to-learn from Asia Pacific?
– How to invest time in the research on foreign markets f.e. in the fields of HR development analysis?
– How to change the actual offline situation into online scenarios in selected social media.

Finally, Ulrich H. Kiefer mentioned the key phrase you can hear in the streats of Hong Kong and other metropoles everyday and everywhere: ‘This-Is-China’.

You may visit also the new video report with the video title
‘Meetropool | This-Is-China | Jia Xing’. ENjoy.

Service multilingual communication and analysis

©2014 Service multilingual communication and analysis.

To be updated ASAP. Thank you for your attention and your esteemed time in advance. UK

Meetropool | China | Kenya


About Christmas in 3 continents

One thing is certain: this case happens often to nomads flying worldwide on airways home from Shanghai / China (PRC) or back again to the metropolitan city to land on Pudong’s airport PVG.

Already travelled to 175+ cities worldwide, tourists from Amsterdam-Schiphol, Dubai or Shanghai may ask you in then on the Bund during these busy days:
„How do Chinese people – some of them live overseas – do celebrate their Christmas feast / party?”

Firstly, then you have to think deeply, please!

How to explain the 1+X question(s)? These will never be easy to answer correctly…

Generally spoken you have to admit: the Christmas feast has never officially existed before in PRC.

But how could it come now into fashion there, too?

What makes Christmas a new fashion or trend?

If we regard these (shopping) days only as a fashionable event, we might see it only with the eyes of a marketing director, whose department who tend to trigger the bonuses paid at yearend.

So, hoping to attract more than 200.000+ and more Germans living in metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen or Hong Kong SAR, the new consumption worlds go really crazy: buying luxury cars, etc.

This year however, the similar holiday season in the former traditional China follows quickly the German feasts “Weihnachten” and “Sylvester”; as a surprise, it is also quite close to the traditions in Africa as well.

Why Africa?

Networking friends there say: We sing Christmas carols and dramatize place in African churches. Furthermore, many feasts and family reunions are held, similar to new Chinese citizens living and working in an almost forgotten continent: Africa, we go, top!
Opposite to the European thoughts, Chinese TV stations focus on the cultural events such as frequently visited churches, filled with more religious believers than these may offer space to – queuing up, without public viewing.

Yoga Thoughts…

The Christians are told by their priests how they could go on the healthy good old traditional ways. They are given fresh ideas following a visionary path for the coming years. Another yoga trip with drum music…

Finally many festivals are held on the December 31, celebrating gospel music in cities like Nairobi (NBO) / located in Kenya.

There, one week later everybody goes back happy to work with a fresh and creative mentality to overcome the global crises telling: Happy New Year…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Celebrating Xmas in...

Basar in San Francisco (SFO)

Shanghai’s Century Park Events postponed

The report about Shanghai’s postponed international music festival and the real story about it starts here…

Arriving back home in their rooms, especially due to the postponed international music festival in the famous Century Park, some players of the band presented their know-how songs to the public in their booked hotel rooms.

For your better understanding you might understand well the slight differences between music and musics… or hammering like the following scenery…

However, if the song ends several times after a few seconds accompanied by the hammering of drum sticks click, one, two, three, four, then you can imagine the the sound that should not be shown on public music video channels, neither in China nor in the Western world. Useless to say, that the bands confirmed to have no manager… This was fresh men’s music made in in the mood of a well known alcoholism trend in modern China.

To be continued… this little report is part of the introduction of
‘sleepless in Shanghai’… Sleep seems not to be a human right. Being asked if the music could stop eventually long time ago after midnight the tricky answer was: is there a problem? The problem has now the hotel management which better had refused bookings…
Sorry, we are already fully booked out due to the National holidays. I am so sorry…

High price to pay? Hohen Preis zahlen?

Here we can ask questions; maybe we might never receive answers to them...

Offenburg bei Hohberg -Ortenau Region, France Strasbourg-Kehl-Baden-Baden and Rust or Freiburg im Breisgau

Liu+Xiao+bo, in Hanyu Pinyin ‚Liú Xiaobo’ geschrieben, kann beim näheren Betrachten als eine Einheit von drei Schriftzeichen (Hanzi) gelesen und verstanden werden:

– das erste Schriftzeichen ist sein Familiennamen, der traditionell geschrieben dann wie ‚lau’ gelesen, heute jedoch vereinfacht mit 6 Strichen geschrieben, meistens eher als ‘liú’ gesprochen würde.

– das Zweite, das mit genau 16 Strichen erstellt wird, ist sehr aufschlußreich. Es bedeutet ‘begreifen, verstehen; es stünde für Tagesanbruch, also das xiao.

– Interessant ist das dritte Zeichen, das mit 8 Strichen entsteht. Es drückt schon seit der Stunde seiner Geburt eine Vision aus, die ein ganzes Volk aus unserer eurokratischen Sichtweise heraus als Meilenstein zukünftiger Revolutionen im Reich der Mitte stehen könnte: die Welle oder Schwingung, (ohne Artikel) kurzum ‘Bo’. Das klingt schon etwas bedrückend, oder?

Das Reich der Mitte, das ihr aktuelles Wachstum beim Bruttoinlandsprodukt (BIP) oder Direktinvestitionen (FDI) per Knopfdruck präsentiert, hat kein Problem mit der Ernennung Liú Xiaobos zum Nachfolger von Barack Obama.

Status Quo?
Der Status quo eines Friedensnobelpreisträgers, zeitgleich als Verbrecher im Umerziehungslager? Warum ist so und weshalb nur auf dem asiatischen Kontinent mitten im Reich der Mitte?

Flux wird daher das chinesische Strategem Nr. 6 entlehnt:  im Osten lärmend, und (zeitgleich) im Westen angreifen. Kaum wahrnehmbar wird der Welt wieder einmal bewußt, dass jene so wichtigen Ressourcen z.B. für die IT- oder Solarindustrien in Afrika oder Brasilien unter neue Kontrolle gebracht wurden. Die Bitte von Regierungen nach Einhaltung von WTO-Standards wird aber mit unerschrockenem Furchtgrinsen (siehe Foto) eindeutig vor den Augen von Botschaftern aus aller Welt abgebügelt.

Sind Menschenrechte international festgeschrieben?
Menschenrechte sind ganz besondere Rechte, die international verschiedenartig auslegbar sind (u.a.  Tenor des Sprachrohrs  Zhong Guos).

So gesehen, ist die Würde und Freiheit des Friedensnobelpreisträger Liu Xiaobo unantastbar; und, nur ein Wunder kann dem anders denkenden Häftling in seiner ausweglosen Situation nahe bei Sibirien gelegen inhaftiert, dann noch helfen, bald seiner Heimat entkommen zu können.

Aber, Menschenrechte, wie etwa das Wahlrecht wählen zu dürfen oder gewählt zu werden, sind für Häftlinge meines Wissens weltweit beschränkt!

Eines ist sicher: der Preis ist hoch.

Jener Staat, der den asgerufenen Friedensnobelpreisträger Liu Xiaobo bei sich später beheimaten wollte, riskierte bei der Vergabe von öffentlichen Aufträgen in der Zukunft von seiner jetzigen Heimat als eine Art Gegenreaktion, die wohl schwer nachvollziehbar wäre, kaum mehr berücksichtigt zu werden.

Die Aussage aus dem Reich der Mitte über die sensationelle Wahl Liu Xiaobos:  ‘Can this create a problem for China? [Kann das ein Problem für China sein?] Ferner höre ich… ‘The Nobel Peace Prize for Liu Xiaobo does not mean that they really have one’. [Der Nobelpreis für Liu Xiabo involviert nicht, dass man wirklich ein Problem damit hat.]