Goodbye “Made in Shanghai”?


The is only little news in the Western worlds’ media about a plan of the China government to stop production processes in the greater Shanghai region in the short- and/or middle-term views already.

And, guess what, You can easily imagine some of the basic thoughts, why such a scenario may become a real one in the coming years 2018 – 2025. Yes, it is the obvious tribute to the influence of pollution in mega million cities in the greater Shanghai area.

Exactly, some of your ideas have already come true: rapid changes can be seen in selected cities of the Jiangsu province. These are located close to the metropolis of Shanghai city, beside the Zhejiang province.


Hot Christmas time


Time Machine 2000 – 2015

while exploring the warmest December ever

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Time Machine 2000 – 2015

Before the year 2000, the below described processes had started already in the golden eighties: so, more than two decades ago, business people were curious about missing data and news from the Peoples Republic of China due to its carefully hidden secrets as follows:
1. How many airports existed there? Where were these located (up to 200)?
2. Which military airbase would change into a civil hub for global VIP trips?
3. What could be the outlook and positive consequences for their global businesses, starting from Asia Pacific, and reaching towards cities in Africa, in Europe – Austria and Germany – or the United States of America (USA)?
Therefore it wasn’t just a coincidence that students from all over the world sent out their CV by email requesting from offices in Asia Pacific a quick reply. Always being eager to learn more about the spectacular East Asian economies with their salient growth rates of 10 to 20 per cent annually, the former bureaucracy in China got deep impressions of the importance to foreigners preferring to receive data and fact, which could be checked, verified and sold as valid and trustworthy information within their networks.
As a result, I am convinced today that the provided results weren’t good enough or unrealistic to be published years ago as a sensational story.
What seems to count nowadays can be reduced to short and easy message:
“Better combine peace on our mother earth together with improved ecological lifestyles throughout the world. This package will help all those barefooted nomads spreading for years from the South towards the promoted healthier North; some of them do sail around in Asia Pacific (AP) as desperate boat people – it might lead to unhappy ends.”
Therefore, regarding the above mentions questions of growing airports in year 2000 has taken over the serious interest of investors in Central Europe 15 years later. It seems that the decision markers preferred to sit in a time machine, with the hope to change history in short-term views.
Thus, this high curiosity in general raises important interests such as:
– Which airport has transported more passengers in 2014/15 and which are the latest trends in tourism?
– Which hub made more profits in Central Europe?

The scenarios look like a cheap and/or poor copy of a powerful Chinese opera, which was presented in a huge town hall in the New Territories, located close to Shenzhen or the special administrative region Hong Kong. So, I feel concerned what will be going on in that special region. Some of the possible conclusions might be: ‘Will those planned VIP airports in China and/or Europe be stopped now in crises times?’ Besides of this view, better do not ask what will happen at the new airport with the code BER. Will responsible managers answer, neither in Berlin, nor in AP due to ongoing, still weak negotiations for more peace?

Actual analysis of airports (CEU)

As a result, the demand of approximately 120+ million estimated clients will increase only slightly next year: the published forecasts based on released data from 2014 see an increase of in total of the increase five million more clients for low cost airlines reaching then 125 million.
These flexible passengers leave Central Europe by plane, by car or in combination with rapid trains which do exist already towards Paris: the 320 km/h fast TGV-trains arrive in 100 minutes in the French metropolis.

Sometimes one-way tickets are offered for less than 30 Euro; it confirms the opinion that airlines can’t compete with this aggressive prices. But then, in Paris, the Metropolitan Subway system has to handle the traffic inefficiently through poor services via the RER or metro line number 2.

Here are now the latest details to be stored in your database:

City / Country / Clients / trend / (estimated passengers in million):

• Frankfurt am Main, Germany (60-65 + million)
• Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region airports in Germany:
• Stuttgart City (10+ million)* in partnership with
• Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (1+ million)*
• Basel-Mulhouse, located in France (6-7+ million)
• France-Strasbourg (1+ million)
• Lahr (0+, actually only freight and a few VIP passengers)
• The other airports in Southern Germany are shown here besides:
• Munich, Bavaria (40+ million)
• Memmingen (1- million) and
• Friedrichshafen (located at the Lake Constance) (1- million).

Why subsidizing the aviation economies?

Although the European finance rules do not allow subsidizing airports, the ongoing analysis tends to pretend that additional services like rental of parking space, duty-free-shops, or offering logistic service, etc. could feed the local job engines. The subsidies are only possible due to the fact that these cities hoped to create new markets and had invested in these projects years ago. Now the shares can’t be sold that easily and will still remain as fixed assets in the balance sheets of these communities. As a result, European authorities keep an eye on it, including frequent checks.

Are our airports profitable in the coming years?

However, being asked, clients of low cost carriers can’t believe that the used airports might grow fast if tickets are sold for 100 EUR in the EU. They doubt: “How can a few Euros be the main driver for high profits?”

Critical voices suggest: better check the outdated business plans again and close the airports under the following conditions: do not calculate with up to 20 million VIP tourists from mainland China arriving now as individually travelling tourists or business world travelers on short trips. They visited for example Paris, went by small vehicles via Strasbourg towards Freiburg City, entering an ICE train towards Zurich. Then via the Euroairport in France-Mulhouse they hopped to the Mediterranean Sea, stepping by in Southern Europe’s cities like Marseille, Rome, etc. however … altogether the whole trip in just 3 days using the trains or planes as a place to sleep during the short nights.

So, I would like to express my thanks to you and all the honest readers for their input, great ideas and ongoing curiosity.

Outlook: The Chinese Year of the Monkey 2016 will bring us good news!
I wish you a peaceful time for all the holidays, happy experiences and events as well as plenty of confidence for the New Year: it will remain particularly healthy.

Happy landing in the coming Chinese New Year (CNY). Ein gutes Neues Jahr | Xin Nian Kuai Le | ???? | Happy New Year from Central EU from U.K.

Searching The Salient Pitch


Searching The Salient Pitch (STSP)

TIMP – This is my pitch | Your Pitch? – About looking for investors for your start-up project

Actually in the global trends it seems that presentations of big numbers in business plans will no longer impress future investors.

So, did you re-think your pitch you are planning to use for your industry,

varying on international trade shows from A | Z

such as: access systems, advances cryptography, ASP application service providing, audiovisual equipment, automation, broadband technologies, business process management, cognitive systems, computer games, computer hardware, computer software, control systems, CRM – Customer relationship Management, data mining, data processing, data security, database management, digital systems, documental management systems, eInclusion, e-government, e-health, e-learning, e-publishing, electronic circuits, electronic commerce, electronic engineering, embedded systems, ERP – enterprise resource planning, GRID computing, groupware robotics, human-machine interfaces, ICM – internet content management, image processing, information filtering, integrated circuits, internet services, knowledge management, mobile solutions, multimedia, network security, optical networks, pattern recognition, peripherals technologies, project management, QMS – quality management system, RDS, role-based access control, satellite technology, semantic-based systems, sensors, signal processing, simulation, smart cards, speed technology, telematics applications, user interfaces, virtual reality, VOIP or … Your future “Zybersolution”.


Report evolutionary Cyprus-Greece talks!


Hello, dear international readers of this blog,

The world is changing faster again. And so, regarding and reading the news about the latest developments in Greece, people in Cyprus fear that
– foreign capital from Greece plus also
– the human resource from there
will flow into the beautiful island of Europe, but located in Asia:
from here arrive the news: Cyprus and its divided capital Nicosia City (CY).

Why doing banking business in Cyprus?

Although Cyprus being legally separated from the former colonial power Greece, it might be necessary to separate the local people from other peoples for example in the banking sector: it seems more than most likely, that bank tourists, who might be queuing up in front of Cypriot banks, tend to look forward for a quick deal in spring 2015 starting from now on.

Thus, it might be useful and logical to intensify the daily routines of the customs and other civil services by requesting additionally checks of personal ID cards and/or passports from potential clients in small Cypriot banks: their security matters as well and the data should be protected.

Why entry controls in Northern Cyprus?

Besides, this is new: It is the updated practice now that 100 percent controls at the internal border in Nicosia City have been installed and tightened for all of the visitors. So if you plan to go and visit or come back from the occupied part of the Cypriot island (Northern Cyprus), the situation has changed to the former non clarified status quo due to the ongoing toxic situation since 15.07.1974: an unbelievable occupation of a foreign country.

Why working in Southern Cyprus?

This is special: it might be interesting to learn more about those internal data from Greece and Cyprus such as the actual height of the different minimum wage levels in both countries regarded on a monthly base: what a triggering effect: the level of income on the islands differs a lot: looking across the slightly raising growth trend in Southern Cyprus, you may find the opposite on the continental landscape with its wonderful Hellenistic islands.

Standing out by more than 60 (in words sixty) percent compared to the shrinking standards in the downsizing economy of the ancient historic leaders, some pride ancient Greeks seem to run out of liquid resources. This means good business for real estate agencies and financial institutions on the local mortgage markets.

What will be the expected next steps?

Global discussions also influenced the author of a German book with the translated title “poverty is theft”. The talks consider the severe situation of Greece that has been always riding on the very thin path to survive.

If you would like to listen to the German conversation, You may go straight forward to the arguments starting from minute 41:50 with the result that the debts of Greece might be written off and that Greece will restart with its status of more or less ZERO. This topic will be one of the key questions in Europe throughout the banking sector worldwide starting from now: ” Would a debt relief be one of the best options for Greece? ”

Please advice. Thank you for your attention and your esteemed time in advance.
And a personal statement at the end: we would be all sad to see you leave the EU and join the Eurasian link: so let us cross the fingers and let us dance together this famous Syrtaki dance on the marketplaces all over Europe again.