Musics in the knees?


The autumn has reached and faster than estimated Christmas times may be celebrated differently. Why? 15 years ago on 26.12.2001, a tsunami hit South East Asia and just ten years after another earthquake hit Japan.

The changes seen there are impressive: why not dancing in Japan or….

Visiting Far East Asia in spring 2017

Yokoso! Japan


Why not walk a marathon in the coming years?

Discover and enjoy it: move your body.

Shanghai’s Century Park Events postponed

The report about Shanghai’s postponed international music festival and the real story about it starts here…

Arriving back home in their rooms, especially due to the postponed international music festival in the famous Century Park, some players of the band presented their know-how songs to the public in their booked hotel rooms.

For your better understanding you might understand well the slight differences between music and musics… or hammering like the following scenery…

However, if the song ends several times after a few seconds accompanied by the hammering of drum sticks click, one, two, three, four, then you can imagine the the sound that should not be shown on public music video channels, neither in China nor in the Western world. Useless to say, that the bands confirmed to have no manager… This was fresh men’s music made in in the mood of a well known alcoholism trend in modern China.

To be continued… this little report is part of the introduction of
‘sleepless in Shanghai’… Sleep seems not to be a human right. Being asked if the music could stop eventually long time ago after midnight the tricky answer was: is there a problem? The problem has now the hotel management which better had refused bookings…
Sorry, we are already fully booked out due to the National holidays. I am so sorry…