How about an “Exit of the Brexit”?


How about an “Exit of the BREXIT” or, “No Exit from the EU”?

With the actual announcement in the Metropolis of London to revise the poll on the BREXIT from the EU, people may be irritated about the next steps in the endless discussion on the ending membership of Great Britain in the European Union. You can hear the experts already say: “how can the highest courts or UK’s politicians vote against people’s votes, saying no to the leadership of the European Union in Europe WITHOUT GREAT BRITAIN.

It will lead to a much faster vote by the European Commission to stop further discussions by no change to the existing contracts and rules of almost 1K signed documents within 30 months. It’ll mean then: all those agreements will be regarded as no longer valid.

With today’s announcement in the Metropolis of London the wish to revise the BREXIT poll, people may be irritated about the next steps in an endless discussion on the normally already ended membership of Great Britain in the European Union within two years.

Why without GREAT BRITAIN?

The political ruse to win more time and stay longer in the EU seem to be legal but also it is quite obvious what the tricks behind may include: Win more time and collecting points in tactical gains in negotiations with members of the WTO or ASEAN states (Asia Pacific). Better don’t contact Taiwan first, and inviting engineers and IT experts from UK to contact you in the UK, sounds wise… .

Finally, it is so sad to see that the time to ask for a new entry of UK might be postponed by the EU a decade to the year 2030; maybe this is the time UK needs for new designed politics. Welcome again!

Congratulations to the Nobel Price winner:



Serendipity in… Why not in Woolloomooloo?

Recently I met a brilliant Bachelor student. Her name is Leah. She lived in the EU and was on her way to the next airport in Switzerland (a none-EU country). Leah taught me that she would like to finish her studies quickly, but a missing service urged her to prolong the studies by one semester.

Why longer and not smarter studies?

Leah continued: “It would be quite functional and a helpful tool for successful students worldwide, not only for that kind of elite generation… Ambitious and talented, skilled human resources choose to study often at elite universities. Thus, driven by the salient motivation to hand in good results and always focusing to be faster and better, this includes therefore passing the exams just-in-time.”

However, aware of the necessity to communicate fluently, not only in Business English, French, (Switzerland) German and Italian – a standard in the Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region (MURR) – the increased values of seldom spoken languages motivate students like Leah to improve language skills overseas.

Leah, planning to leave Europe, had to request for the official agreement: “kindly accept the prolongation of the official number of six semesters to seven, just to pass one single test.

As a result, the surprising question came up in the fast running train: “Why not passing the procedures in a few days, far away in another country with different time zones, for example in Woolloomooloo?”

Located in and on a beautiful country or big island, direct flights take more than 12 hours from Eastern France / Switzerland. And, the local universities there are perfectly well equipped – high ranking worldwide.

So what’s the quick solution for a short time frame in the next months?

Finally, I don’t know yet, if the administration of the university will agree on Leah’s individual request; thus, it would be smart, if future universities – in general – could offer that kind of innovative e-cabins-test-centers where students could log into a video surveyed room with a special code and transfer the right answers to the test questions in safe digital modes resembling to existing formats (eventually similar to a global standards like the Printable Document Format).

When leaving the fast running train, Leah agreed with us: This idea isn’t a revolutionary idea. Already, frequently used at court, it became quite normal. Testimonies are broadcast via video sessions and provided electronically.

Time is money! So, just do it, why not?

Socializing and sharing here this interesting business opportunity in co-operation with Leah, all those lovers of languages and curious researchers would be happy, due to their trend to invest energies abroad. Their wish to get more support from their universities in order to enrich the Curriculum vitae (CV) with practical skills is preferred by companies and helps to overcome the weaknesses of too long and outdated CVs.

But, is this idea really applicable? Will the quality of short-term communication improve?

Leah and us, we hope to read some critical voices here, why this fresh brainstorming idea might not work, does it? Leah asks: “Please tell us, where the error is or what were the problems with this request? Thanks for your attention and the esteemed time.

Hong Kong – Germany – Greece and the Americas / United States of America (USA)

About ‘audio, disco, video’


About ‘audio, disco, video”

hearing, learning, see more…

Based on desktop research you can learn that the ancient latin words ‘audio, disco, video’ mean the following:

I hear, I learn and I see.

What we can learn from this three magic words in the modern worlds of communication will be part of this article.

To be updated ASAP in Asia Pacific’s regions Hong Kong SAR and China, as well as in Dubai after several events…

Facing the realities…

This is Shanghai… or “sleepless in Shanghai”

In short, before the national holidays will move millions of visitors towards the Metropolis Shanghai saying…

This is our modern way of life of… Really? Check back in the golden October…

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Updates next months about the surprising reality here in the greater Shanghai area…

Taxi to a dark side?


Receiving a newsletter from a tax auditor, I was wondering how, and thus respectively why VIP might be under pressure to avoid paying income taxes in countries with high income tax ratios (here: countries in Central EU).

Starting from the provided sum of in total 6 million € – owed corportate taxes plus on top interest – I created an Excel scenario: let us start in year 2006 and end in 2013 (Q1). We push the stock market with risky investments and see us as a winner until year end 2011. Investments indirectly from Switzerland in Central Europe seemed to be more serious than puts and calls from Greece or Russia. In year 2006 we can create profits similar to 562 K€ corporate taxes to pay to … nobody. Correct? Not at all!

We calculate consequently that these data are hidden until year end 2012.

This was a professional error from the very beginning made by a VIP.

With the threat of a punishment in 2013 the results decreases the profitability: on top of all the taxes plus 6 per cent interest for each year undeclared revenues, these amounts add up to 334 K€ already for year 1.

In the following years the simulation estimates continuously higher corporate taxes – each result grows by +100 K€ – based on original investments, received by loans from private banking sectors: 15 million €.

In year 7 the income situation changes due to losses on the stock market.

This might have been a reason to re-think investments: why not withdraw it?

Thus the total income taxes – including personal income taxes – end up at round about 900 K€ EUR. Comparing to the initial income to declare this would be then a loss of round about 240 K€ in year 1.

Finally, at the end of the following decade all the losses together could be exceed more than 50 mio. €.


The speculation with private banks’ loans seldom works out for an investor.

Do not forget: a dramatic loss of your public image could lead you directly into prison for 10 years, too. The private banking sector risks as well its good reputation on former well developed consumer markets. Think, re-think!

As a result, such unsafe trips – here illegal speculation and hidden revenues, represent then a most likely free-of-charge Taxi to a dark side?!

But how can the investment rise from €15 mio. up to 50 mio. Euros?

How about the logistics? Do you need to use a truck for such special goods?

Post-massacre sha|rén|kuáng


About Sha Rén Kuáng thought | The Indiscrimate Killing

We are all with you… the families hit by the ‘Sha Rén Kuáng’-shooting* in a school in Newtown / USA. Let us pray for a better future now.

*The transcription of the 3 Chinese characters ‘Sha Rén Kuáng’ expresses firstly “the verb to kill, secondly a human being and finally the adjective ruinously’. We can summarize it as ‘indiscriminate killing’.

Although the situation looks for the moment so dark now, candles from a holy cathedral in Marseille shall lead you ways for a better future.

Finally we can learn an important lesson: better share the wealth of peace in love with your neighbours, stop fighting: prevent us from crime/weapons.

(c)2012 photo by Ulrich H. Kiefer, title: New Town 24'. All rights reserved.

(c)2012 photo by Ulrich H. Kiefer, Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region; title: New Town 24′. All rights reserved. Tous droits réservés. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

new hope for New Town

(c)2012 photo by Ulrich H. Kiefer, Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region; title: New hope for New Town’. All rights reserved. Tous droits réservés. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

violence in Chinese movies

We don’t like violence not a bit.

It is fantastic…


Sheyla told me recently, arriving from Paris, these words: Go and visit Paris to see the police working on rollerblades and bikes.” Believe us,
it's fantastic. Enjoy!

Paris bike

(c)2012 Copyright DoTo² e.K., Inh. / photo Ulrich H. Kiefer, title: Paris, it is fantastic. All rights reserved. Tous droits réservés. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

First one, then two, when three?

Review on print media

Report from Europe / Strasbourg-Ortenau District / Freiburg / Black Forest / Germany

Sometimes it might occur to see seldom species like an otter in a natural environment. It is rare, but it’s possible. Not long ago an otter showed up for a few seconds in the metropolitan city Strasbourg: too fast to take a photo. Aware, that its appearance might attract curious people like photographers, it vanished quickly for ever.

This happened today also to a well know company in Germany. Focusing on printing on paper, the last edition of a printed media closed after 13 years. Althought sold out quickly, this success might find soon its next victim especially in those European crisis times, where energy and material (colour and paper) has become too expensive in general. Labour represents various costs, but the innovation has come to an end more than a decade ago.

Offering much more attractive conditions for their advertisement seemed to be a problem today. However, the better solution for the future is a very flexible to handle ‘online news services’ as the preferred business model in the world wide web.

Seasonal greetings


Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo.

Prettige Kerstdagen en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr.

We wish You Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Nous vous souhaitons Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année.

Women zhù nin shèngdàn kuàilè. Xinnián kuàilè 2013 nián.


©2012 Photo by kh-office, a courtesy by khoffmann, title: Christmas snow report. All Rights Reserved. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Tous droit réservés.

Enjoy visiting

windows 24

(c) 2012 photo by DoTo² e.K., Inh. Ulrich Kiefer, Gengenbach City, Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region, Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau, All rights reserved.

Go Global, Go IT
Go Cina


HR Human Resources

To Whom It May Refer:

Good tips wanted: the internship should be located overseas … The university prefers it as follows: ‘next to bed, desk, chair and a computer, the company should provide the trainee an opportunity, to help shape successfully your events in a short period. Please contact us.

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We wish you all day a safe trip