Good bye, Business Plan


Business Plans with negative forecasts include mobility as one of the most important keywords.

Some people say: “Planning a business seems to me quite complex”. Others may shout out contrary opinions, too. In general, it depends on your own professional experience and visionary abilities. However, in these days – newcomers in business and politics, wild card players enter these sceneries – mix up the so called “traditional” global markets. What we see today is a tremendous earthquake in a global war on market shares for example in the car industry.

Historic overview

During the last decades most of the global businesses links and market shares could be mostly achieved and even intensified: Germany’s automotive industry is a good example.

However, in 2017 the Central European nations like France or Germany are facing completely unknown limits:

1. Extra charges and higher taxes / customs
2. New announced trade blockades
3. Broken contracts/agreements (Paris climate agreement)
4. High costs by unsolved immigration problem, etcetera.

Thus, national slogans like “Make a nation first”, all this leads to severe uncertainties, short-term losses and deep irritations worldwide in businesses.

Therefore, how to plan or adjust a business plan? How to overcome these unhealthy conditions in your businesses?

One thing is certain: Nobody would have hired people predicting negative growth rates or interests, shrinking markets. We also know: the time of lean management is out since long before the repositioning of companies’s staff could get any substantial impact.

As a result, it is a no go for example for the consulting industry to raise hands and mention this topic again.

We learn, it is true, that the best ideas had been always born in crises times. So, the time has come to discuss those great alternatives on a confidential base.

Note: Although our future seems to be driven by negative forecasts for the next years the question remains still open:

“How can an alternative scenario lead to a positive trend in the coming years?” Thereby it is clear that there must be some losers in the markets if others plan to make money based on anticipating negative trends as part of a new modified business plan, looking for a better future in general… I am sure that we’ll read about this topic in the coming year(s).

Anyway, flexibility / mobility will be the most important keyword during the next decade.

Thank you for your kind feedback in advance.

Ulrich Kiefer, Industriekaufmann (IHK)

Last Update 2017.06.01 10:48 p.m. CEST

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Background: The exactly arrival of the aircraft always was a secret in 2011. So, waiting in the green mountains, there was no cloud in the sky.

Lucky people everywhere and the former president of Germany said good bye to the German Pope, residing outside of the Papal Apartments of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City of Rome.

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