Musics in the knees?


The autumn has reached and faster than estimated Christmas times may be celebrated differently. Why? 15 years ago on 26.12.2001, a tsunami hit South East Asia and just ten years after another earthquake hit Japan.

The changes seen there are impressive: why not dancing in Japan or….

Visiting Far East Asia in spring 2017

Yokoso! Japan


Why not walk a marathon in the coming years?

Discover and enjoy it: move your body.

anonymous | wise message

This is no Anonymous message to the American people. Not at all, it is just the shortest tourist guide for hidden spaces and miraculous citizens who prefer to stay anonymous. However, other reports focus on their excellent famous music as the heritage of their special culture…

No Stones, but banks…

Sorry for the non assitance to help you solve that riddle

les dolmens et les menhirs

Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region

Meetropool | Shanghai report

Shanghai's New International Centre (SNIC)

Asia, PRC China, Shanghai, New International Expo Centre, SNIEC

A report from a pro packaging trade exhibition and its concerns about the protection of national and also international copyrights of more than 500 companies exhibiting on the business playground 2012.

why go to China

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