Good bye, Business Plan


Business Plans with negative forecasts include mobility as one of the most important keywords.

Some people say: “Planning a business seems to me quite complex”. Others may shout out contrary opinions, too. In general, it depends on your own professional experience and visionary abilities. However, in these days – newcomers in business and politics, wild card players enter these sceneries – mix up the so called “traditional” global markets. What we see today is a tremendous earthquake in a global war on market shares for example in the car industry.

Historic overview

During the last decades most of the global businesses links and market shares could be mostly achieved and even intensified: Germany’s automotive industry is a good example.

However, in 2017 the Central European nations like France or Germany are facing completely unknown limits:

1. Extra charges and higher taxes / customs
2. New announced trade blockades
3. Broken contracts/agreements (Paris climate agreement)
4. High costs by unsolved immigration problem, etcetera.

Thus, national slogans like “Make a nation first”, all this leads to severe uncertainties, short-term losses and deep irritations worldwide in businesses.

Therefore, how to plan or adjust a business plan? How to overcome these unhealthy conditions in your businesses?

One thing is certain: Nobody would have hired people predicting negative growth rates or interests, shrinking markets. We also know: the time of lean management is out since long before the repositioning of companies’s staff could get any substantial impact.

As a result, it is a no go for example for the consulting industry to raise hands and mention this topic again.

We learn, it is true, that the best ideas had been always born in crises times. So, the time has come to discuss those great alternatives on a confidential base.

Note: Although our future seems to be driven by negative forecasts for the next years the question remains still open:

“How can an alternative scenario lead to a positive trend in the coming years?” Thereby it is clear that there must be some losers in the markets if others plan to make money based on anticipating negative trends as part of a new modified business plan, looking for a better future in general… I am sure that we’ll read about this topic in the coming year(s).

Anyway, flexibility / mobility will be the most important keyword during the next decade.

Thank you for your kind feedback in advance.

Ulrich Kiefer, Industriekaufmann (IHK)

Last Update 2017.06.01 10:48 p.m. CEST

Meetropool | Asia inside | Why bugged…?


Meeting managers of technology driven global players reveal this new trend: more than 10.000 companies are leaving the USA shortly… revealed in Shanghai, 2013.10.30.

The espionage on industrial secrets: good chances for revolutionary start-ups? Yes, absolutely! The questions about on-going processes of spying out secrets of developing or developed countries’ leaders reported in the global news these days are part of the top high-lights here in an Asian Metropolis end of the golden October season.

Online media report about nowadays’ unhealthy trends in the Americas: unhappy stories about the almost lost fight on drugs, the violation on human rights against different thoughts of groups or individuals by their partners or bugged VIPs, whistle-blowers inclusive..

Therefore, it is most likely that more top stories will be published even more in Asia and no longer in the Western world from now on. Thus, the coming months will reveal also fresh stories about the negotiations on reasonable compensations for the abused human rights which have not been leading to the success that third parties are still looking forward to since more than one year. We will keep you updated.

Panda, Vaquita, and Whistle-blowers?

As a result it will be the first time, that the Asian media seem to be more liberal and updated than the so called free press in the Western world. So, after the tragic reports on the development of endangered species like the Panda (animal) in China and/or the Vaquita (fish) population in Mexico the species of human beings will show unique insights on whistle-blowers, risking their life for the protection of the lately almost forgotten groups or rare populations that are hoping to see a better world in justice:

– people using their mobile devices and suffering from the consequences from

– publishing private stories coming up from unknown sources or cracked databases.

This will be the content of the in former times called yellow press: thus, no longer the princes or princesses’ lifestyle but just ordinary peoples’ life will be interesting for the curious world looking into the fresh insight in rapidly growing global online media.

The hidden reports from yet unknown Woodstock events will dominate press blogs and the courts worldwide, due to the fact that espionage on data from leading countries’ decision makers might influence a re-positioning process on the important question in life.

Who might dominate finally the 21st century: Asia versus or the Americas?

This question is a milestone in new global business plan recognition of interesting start-ups of the future: however, the security in a new defined world of communication will continue to be always the real threat in daily life in the IT world.