Goodbye “Made in Shanghai”?


The is only little news in the Western worlds’ media about a plan of the China government to stop production processes in the greater Shanghai region in the short- and/or middle-term views already.

And, guess what, You can easily imagine some of the basic thoughts, why such a scenario may become a real one in the coming years 2018 – 2025. Yes, it is the obvious tribute to the influence of pollution in mega million cities in the greater Shanghai area.

Exactly, some of your ideas have already come true: rapid changes can be seen in selected cities of the Jiangsu province. These are located close to the metropolis of Shanghai city, beside the Zhejiang province.


Musics in the knees?


The autumn has reached and faster than estimated Christmas times may be celebrated differently. Why? 15 years ago on 26.12.2001, a tsunami hit South East Asia and just ten years after another earthquake hit Japan.

The changes seen there are impressive: why not dancing in Japan or….

Visiting Far East Asia in spring 2017

Yokoso! Japan


Why not walk a marathon in the coming years?

Discover and enjoy it: move your body.

Hands-on mentality


How about helping hands for your start-up?

Why young entrepreneurs are looking for visionary host entrepreneurs in networks like this…

Amazing things may start eventually with a crazy idea…

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Update 07.03.2015

But as a time traveller


But as a time traveller | Confucius today

“As a time traveller, Confucius might say today:
LEArN from looking into the internet of things.”

And, as always, in the same way,
“EARn from how to ask an important question.”

So, in 2014 The Chinese Year of the Horse – end of January 2014…

It will be replaced by the Chinese Year of the Goat on February 19th, 2015.
And you may learn some words like chopsticks for the coming year…

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