Thinking about Metropolitan Regions such as …

– The Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region | Strasbourg or

– The Metropolitan Rhine-Neckar Region

– The Metropolis Shanghai within the Greater Shanghai Region

Shanghai Happy

Metropolis Shanghai

– And other zones

… The Analysis should be easy why this happens so quick. However, searching for keywords chain

Accrete | adhere | adhesion | affiatarsi | cerrarse | concrescencia | concrescere | coalescence | coalescing | encarnarse | fundirse | fusion | fusionner | growing together | melt | merging | rejoinder | asldare | se consolider | ressouder | souder | soldarse | solidarse | unirse | zusammenwachsen | (or the Chinese words (pinying hésheng or liángshen), etc.
doesn’t show or point out the most important key drivers: the thrilling elements of hidden champions.

Thank you for the interest from 4+ continents Africa, The Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, in more than 99+ countries worldwide; here some details:

Enjoy the innovation of hidden champions in...

Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region, Central Europe

To be continued ASAP

However, one thing is certain: the Media Data Analysis 2013/2014 presents strong growth rates here.

(Source MDA: Update 2014.05.23).

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About Christmas in 3 continents

One thing is certain: this case happens often to nomads flying worldwide on airways home from Shanghai / China (PRC) or back again to the metropolitan city to land on Pudong’s airport PVG.

Already travelled to 175+ cities worldwide, tourists from Amsterdam-Schiphol, Dubai or Shanghai may ask you in then on the Bund during these busy days:
„How do Chinese people – some of them live overseas – do celebrate their Christmas feast / party?”

Firstly, then you have to think deeply, please!

How to explain the 1+X question(s)? These will never be easy to answer correctly…

Generally spoken you have to admit: the Christmas feast has never officially existed before in PRC.

But how could it come now into fashion there, too?

What makes Christmas a new fashion or trend?

If we regard these (shopping) days only as a fashionable event, we might see it only with the eyes of a marketing director, whose department who tend to trigger the bonuses paid at yearend.

So, hoping to attract more than 200.000+ and more Germans living in metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen or Hong Kong SAR, the new consumption worlds go really crazy: buying luxury cars, etc.

This year however, the similar holiday season in the former traditional China follows quickly the German feasts “Weihnachten” and “Sylvester”; as a surprise, it is also quite close to the traditions in Africa as well.

Why Africa?

Networking friends there say: We sing Christmas carols and dramatize place in African churches. Furthermore, many feasts and family reunions are held, similar to new Chinese citizens living and working in an almost forgotten continent: Africa, we go, top!
Opposite to the European thoughts, Chinese TV stations focus on the cultural events such as frequently visited churches, filled with more religious believers than these may offer space to – queuing up, without public viewing.

Yoga Thoughts…

The Christians are told by their priests how they could go on the healthy good old traditional ways. They are given fresh ideas following a visionary path for the coming years. Another yoga trip with drum music…

Finally many festivals are held on the December 31, celebrating gospel music in cities like Nairobi (NBO) / located in Kenya.

There, one week later everybody goes back happy to work with a fresh and creative mentality to overcome the global crises telling: Happy New Year…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Celebrating Xmas in...

Basar in San Francisco (SFO)

Meetropool | Shanghai | Case Report


News from Shanghai / News from | in Shanghai | Report

“Meetropool | Shanghai | Case Report

Dear visitor,

The world is happy about the good news which are worth to mention: China has now a seat in the international Human Rights General Assembly.

This is part of the reform package. It will lead on its road-map to more growth and a better transparency here in Shanghai due to the news channel of CCTV in Beijing / China.

And here is a case report reported by Mr. Linchang S. | | Manager’s Choice

Case Report: Personal Injury Sustained at …when applying German Visa

FDI | M&A | Dispute Resolution

Here are the details to the full report, based on an unhealthy situation in Shanghai, leading to an interesting global discussion on product quality and the Human Rights in SH Pudong in the People’s Republic of China (starting in 23.07.12 until 2013/2014?).

View story 36853 on or search there for the keyword “Shanghai”. Thank you.

(full report on http://www. / en../view.php?id=2624 )

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Meetropool | Dream For Life in Japan | China

Japanese for Chinese 3.0

Why China is losing its quality workers…

It happened in ancient towns around Chengdu…

Historical events reported Chengdu people as powerful…

It is still a secret: the best things of China are exported now to Japan…

And these are the conditions for healthy men…: not drinking and smoking… the monthly income of 7.000 RMB working 72 hours a week – food and hotel rooms are inclusive for in total three years, always two men as partners in one good hotel room…

They will see their families regularly three times a year again. Most of them are actually single.

Their flights will be paid, too. Japan’s electronic industry must hire cheap labour from China now due to its worsening demographic factor in Chibu.

According to some desktop internet research there seem to be living less than 50 people per square kilometer now. If one of these might fall in love, it is most likely that this Chinese worker will never come back.

The reasons seem to be more than obvious in these days full of smog and the polluted air in Beijing according to this critical statements. ‘The television program and especially the food is much better, the sky is clear, and the working conditions are much more improved, so that the chances for a real career in Japan are good there’, he shouts. What do they know about Fukushima?

On my questions such as ‘why not working in Shanghai?’, he smiles at me, raises the hands and describes the landing scenarios, a movement of a plane, arriving on a beautiful island in the ocean with natural resources and sponsored job opportunities in a modern world that suffers from a lack of young people willing to start a second life. …Sayonara! Good night, China.

Sorry, they workers did not prefer to be on a photo due to this actual and unique case of labour exports to China’s neighbour…